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Check out COD’s eTutoring page for the weekly schedule before … website.  Make sure you log in as … logging-in … before you log into the site. … LOGGING IN FOR THE FIRST TIME …
Authors: Ilene Rubenstein Date: 2/20/2014 Size: 56KB

http://www.collegeofthedesert.edu/students/asc/Pages/logging-in.aspxView duplicates

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we urge you to actively participate in your learning process by aksing questions and by … log-in-instructions … before you log into the site. … Make sure you log in as “student.” …
Authors: Ilene Rubenstein Date: 2/27/2014 Size: 60KB


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up on CANVAS, so if you have just enrolled in a course it may take a whole day before you will see the new course listed in CANVAS. Similarly, if you just applied for admission …
Authors: Felix Marhuenda-Donate Date: 11/29/2016 Size: 52KB


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Log into MyCOD.us Student Portal​​​​​ … Students will register for classes, access their … (First-time MyCOD.us users, or former students who have not logged in to our Student Portal) …
Authors: Michael Harlow Date: 8/10/2017 Size: 52KB


men and women for beginning staff nurse positions in health care settings in the community, fostering within each graduate a …
Authors: Mark Demry Date: 2/14/2017 Size: 2MB

http://www.collegeofthedesert.edu/students/ap/hs/Documents/2016-17 Student Hand Book final.pdfView duplicates

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Registration for our Fall 2017 terms is NOW open for ALL … students who have completed steps 1-6 … If you have attended another college and are NEW to COD … Step 3: Log Into MyCOD.us …
Authors: Michael Harlow Date: 8/22/2017 Size: 54KB


is affected by attendance (active participation in the class), it must be stated in the class syllabus as follows: o The final grade in this class will be affected by active …
Authors: Marc T. Drescher, Rdarroch Date: 1/28/2013 Size: 1MB


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Classes filled on the first day … Log in to WebAdvisor … Students cannot enroll in more than 7 units in the summer and/or winter,19 units in Fall and/or Spring without an approved Overload …
Authors: Barbara Garza Date: 8/22/2017 Size: 52KB


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or grammar practice, just drop by the lab in Room 4 of the Tutoring & Academic Skills Center, and we will add your name to one of our log-in computers. …
Authors: Ana Higuera-Yepiz Date: 6/13/2017 Size: 122KB


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College of the Desert has partnered … aid will need to select a 'refund option' in order to process their Fall, Spring and Summer … • Log in to WebAdvisor with your username and password. …
Authors: Liliana Casas Date: 8/28/2017 Size: 56KB