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Document Repository​​

Public​​ Document Submission​

​If you are a member of the public and wish to submit a document for this repository, please email your submission to Sa​​i Vang at

Employee Document Submission

If you are an employee of College of the Desert and wish to upload a document to the site, please login using the button below:


Accolades - Gary G. Williams
Accolades for Sarah Mosley
Agenda for meeting with SLO Cooarindators
Assessment Workshop 1 flyer
Attached thank you notes for E Hardy
Certificates from students - Laurilie Jackson
OAC Agenda 10-4-18
OAC Agenda 9-6-18
Rubric workshop
Suskie FLEX Assessment Workshop
Thank you
Thank you Dr. Hall
Thank you Dr. Hall - 2
Thank You Email
Thank you email for J Guzman
Thank you note - O'Loghlin
Thank you note for J Guzman
Thank you note for V Potter
Thank you note Lasquade
Thank you note Lasquade
Thank you note MacIntire
Thank you notes for E Hardy
Thank you notes_Ansley
Thank you Professor Jazan
Thank you, Professor Jazan
Thank you-Dr. Martin
Thank you-Renee Martin
Thank You-Vineyard