Vincent Battaglia, Founder/CEO of Renova Energy (far right), with a small sampling of Renova’s more than 120 COD alumni currently on staff, including (left to right) Nate Lewis, VP of Sales and Marketing; Nelson Lewis, Energy Consultant; Juan Pablo Grados, Solar Engineer; Gardett Matthew, SolarTech; Michael Cordero, Energy Consultant; Royce Jones, Lead Solar Engineer; Adrian Reyes, SolarTech Supervisor; Hector Rochin, IT Technology Administrator; Cesar Lopez, Solar Engineer; Caitlyn Kern, Energy Consultant; Brittnie Willison, ProjectCoordinator;TiffanyGrace,RenovaPLUSBookkeeper;andLoriVazquez,RenovaPLUSSystemsSupervisor. DidYouKnow? 80% of all College of the Desert alumni stay or return to live and work in the CoachellaValley