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Desert Energy Enterprise Center (has moved to the COD College campus)

DEEC ExteriorThe Desert Region of Southern California is slated to become a national center for renewable energy development.  New clean air and energy regulations, as well as the availability of suitable land, are driving public and private energy investments to our area.  As the renewable energy industry grows, workers with new skills in wind, solar, and geothermal system construction, maintenance, and operation will be needed within the region’s workforce.  College of the Desert has established the Desert Energy Enterprise Center (DEEC) in Palm Springs, California to meet this need.

DEEC ExteriorThe Desert Energy Enterprise Center houses energy-related professional development, workforce training, and energy technology demonstration projects.  It provides a west-valley location where the College is establishing industry/education partnerships to support the growth of renewable energy in our region.  The Wind Turbine Technician Training Program (which focuses on wind turbine maintenance) and the Desert Region Renewable Energy Training Partnership (which focuses on utility-scale solar power) are two such programs operating at this new facility.
The DEEC had operated for 7 years at this location and has now moved to the College of the Desert campus in the Applied Science building. Classroom AS#106. 
We still offer solar energy training from there.  See the Solar Energy tag on the left.