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These courses are designed to upgrade skills for professionals in the wind industry.

OSHA 10 and Safety in the Wind Park

This 14 hour course provides training for participants to receive their OSHA 10 card but also discusses safety considerations and hazard avoidance in the wind park.  It provides wind energy companies with the perfect opportunity to establish a baseline of personnel safety training. 
Instructor:  Adolfo Zavala (Wind Park) / David Esparza (OSHA 10)
Cost: $420
Dates: Ongoing;  next class TBA
Permanent OSHA 10 card after completion. For more information, please call (760) 773-2595.

AC/DC Theory and Electrical Measurement

Students standing at base of Wind Tower listening to Instructor

A review of AC and DC theory, tailored to the work of wind technicians, is provided along with measurement functions and techniques specific to diagnosing and maintaining wind turbine electrical systems.  This course gives wind energy technicians a more complete set of skills using the instruments and techniques needed for effective electrical inspection and troubleshooting. Length 10 hours.

Instructor:  Servando Gereau
Cost: $395
Dates:  Ongoing; next class TBA
For more information, please call (760) 773-2595.

Troubleshooting Methods Workshop

Methods of troubleshooting and the importance of consistently following procedures will be covered in this two day workshop, 8 hours.  The course focuses on both the proven techniques used in the field today as well as effective methodology and thought process.  It includes a highly interactive session where technicians, at all levels of experience, share problems they have encountered and the methods they used to diagnose and correct problems.  This session is a must for companies working to improve production performance and consistency.
Instructor:  Staff
Cost: TBA
Dates and times to be determined.  For more information, please call (760) 773-2595.
Wind Turbine CloseupWind Engery Class Photo​​​