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Press Releases

20150713 COD Bookstore Employee National Winner.pdf
20150827 Berger Faculty Innovation Center at COD.pdf
20150902 PaCE Computer Training.pdf
20150902 Tres Vidas Performance.pdf
20150903 PaCE AHA First Aid and CPR.pdf
20150903 PaCE Basic Life SupportTraining.pdf
20150903 PaCE Presidential Roles in History.pdf
20150917 CV Arch Soc Symposium.pdf
20150921 Jazz at the Pollock ,Hi Fi Honeydrops.pdf
20150922 MAC, SCRAP Gallery Exhibit.pdf
20151001 Statement to the Media.pdf
20151002 PaCE CA Notary Public.pdf
20151002 PaCE Dermagraphic Tech.pdf
20151002 PaCE iMakeMovies Workshop.pdf
20151002 PaCE Pharmacy Tech Training.pdf
20151002 PaCE Physical Therapy Aide.pdf
20151002 PaCE Security Guard Training.pdf
20151008 COD Brings RENT to Campus.pdf
20151014 COD Receives Six DTL Awards.pdf
20151022 MA Board Meeting.pdf
20151026 COD Veterans Day.pdf
20151027 MA Dia de los Muertos at COD.pdf
20151102 Jazz at the Pollock, Fesmire and Corbin.pdf
20151105 Greene Receives Fellowship.pdf
20151110 KidWind Teacher Training.pdf
20151118 PaCE Bar Smog Training.pdf
20151118 PaCE Computer Training.pdf
20151130 Ensemble Concerts.pdf
20151201 PSA Ceremony and Enrollment.pdf
20151201 RN Pinning.pdf
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