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Serves as primary recommending body on matters relating to curriculum.

Goals & Objectives:

  • maintain the integrity and the quality of the District curriculum
  • secure curriculum consistency and balance
  • ensure transferability of courses where appropriate
  • play a progressive and proactive role in curriculum development
  • promote critical thinking
  • encourage a multicultural and global approach to education
  • respond to the educational needs of the community

Dates & Times:

Committee Meetings are on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Thursdays of the month from
 12:30PM - 1:50PM  in the Berger Faculty Innovation Center.



CC Agenda 2017_0905.pdf
CC Agenda 2017_0921.pdf
CC Agenda 2017_1003.pdf
CC Agenda 2017_1019.pdf
CC Agenda 2017_1107.pdf
CC Agenda 2017_1116.pdf
CC Agenda 2017_1205.pdf
CC Agenda 2018_0206.pdf
CC Agenda 2018_0215.pdf
CC Agenda 2018_0306.pdf
CC Agenda 2018_0315.pdf
CC Agenda 2018_0403.pdf
CC Agenda 2018_0419.pdf
CC Agenda 2018_0501.pdf
Curriculum Agenda 2015_1006.pdf
Curriculum Agenda 2015_1015.pdf
Curriculum Agenda 2015_1029.pdf
Curriculum Agenda 2015_1103.doc
Curriculum Agenda 2015_1119.pdf
Curriculum Agenda 2015_1201.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0202.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0218.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0301.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0317.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0405.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0426.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0503.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0519.pdf
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0906.doc
Curriculum Agenda_2016_0915.doc
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