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Educational Policies & Practices

Purpose of the Committee
Serves as the primary recommending body on educational issues relating to students, such as academic standards, grading, assessment and matriculation, calendar, and enrollment management.
Goals and Objectives:
Adopt and revise educational policies and practices to fulfill the needs of our students, faculty and administration.
Respond to the educational needs of the community. 
Ascertain legality of educational polices and practices.
Support policies and practices that promote student access and growth.
Ensure consistency and fairness among policies and practices.

Dates & Times: Committee Meetings are on the 1st Thursday of the Month from 12:30 PM - 1:50 PM in the Nursing Conference Room BNC 27. PLEASE NOTE - OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, & DECEMBER WILL BE HELD IN LA 13.

Subcommittee:  Equivalency




EPP Agenda  2016_0901.pdf
EPP Agenda 2015_0903.docx
EPP Agenda 2015_1001.pdf
EPP Agenda 2015_1105.pdf
EPP Agenda 2015_1203.docx
EPP Agenda 2016_0204.docx
EPP Agenda 2016_0303.pdf
EPP Agenda 2016_0407.pdf
EPP Agenda 2016_0505.pdf
EPP Agenda 2016_1006.pdf
EPP Agenda 2016_1103.pdf
EPP Agenda 2016_1201.pdf
EPP Agenda 2017_0202.pdf
EPP Agenda 2017_0302.pdf
EPP Agenda 2017_0406.pdf
EPP Agenda 2017_0504.pdf

 Public Documents

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