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Green Council


 Annual Reports

2010 Annual Green Council Report.pdf
2011 Annual Report of Green Council.pdf

 Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates for Green Council - 2017-2018.pdf
Meeting Dates for Sustainability Council - 2018-2019.pdf


Agenda - Green Council  - 10-30-12.pdf
Agenda - Green Council  - 11-27-12.pdf
Agenda - Green Council  - 2-15-12.pdf
Agenda - Green Council  - 3-19-13.pdf
Agenda - Green Council  - 4-16-13.pdf
Agenda - Green Council  - 5-14-13.pdf
Agenda - Green Council  - 9-25-12.pdf


Folder: 2010-2011
Folder: 2011-2012
Folder: 2012-2013
Folder: 2013-2014
Folder: 2014-2015
Folder: 2015-2016
Folder: 2016-2017
Folder: 2017-2018

 Misc. Documents

ASCOD Green Council Co-Chair Application November 2012_Final88.pdf
audit comp trash 10-2012.pdf
audit comp trash 11-2010.pdf
audit comp trash 5-2011.pdf
CCCCO Sustainability Webpage for Students, etc.  8-30-12.pdf
Chancellor's Office - Response to Drought - 3-4-14.pdf
COD Facilities Master Plan 2013-2015.pdf
COD Landscape Master Plan and Guidelines 8-10-05.pdf
COD Site Plans 1 .pdf
COD Site Plans 2.jpg
CVWD 2011-12 Annual Report - 5-14-13.pdf
CVWD Recycled Water -05-14-13.pdf
Earth Day April 22, 2013 Proclamation - Board Meeting 4-19-13.pdf
Green Council Newsletter 03 10 15.pdf
IBEW Local 440 - 5-14-13.pdf
Imperial Irrigation District - 5-14-13.pdf
Palm Springs - Water-Saving Example 2-18-14.pdf
Smoking Survey revDM.pdf
State of CA Seals - 5-14-13.pdf
The Life Cycle of Legislation - 5-14-13.pdf
What is Greening the Curriculum.pdf