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Berger Faculty Innovation Center

​Center Information​​​​


Key Fob access is required.  Key fob access is granted after faculty member has completed the designated training for use of BFIC. 


  • Surface Pros III’s and Dell Laptops which are in charging cart in the closet are for USE IN THE CENTER ONLY.
  • Equipment is self-serve and should be returned to the charging cart when leaving the Center.
  • Software can be loaded onto these laptops by the Information Technology Technician or any faculty identified as a local administrator.  This is to ensure that licensing is adhered to and that the software is compatible with the laptops and its operating system.


To schedule the large classroom area (BFIC-1), please create a work order or contact the IT Technician in the Center for assistance. Use calendar link on left to view existing scheduling. 


  • Food and drinks are permissible.
  • Center is for faculty use only.
  • Printer use is limited (no large print jobs).
  • All areas, including office area, are available for faculty use. However, during staffed hours, priority for use of office will be afforded to the staff member.