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Assessment of Planning & Outcomes

2017-18 Membership

Annebelle Nery (Chair)
Vice President, Student Success
Leadership Representative
Bert Bitanga (co-Chair)
Associate Professor, Architecture
Faculty Representative
Zerryl Becker
Dean, Applied Sciences & Business
Leadership Representative
Pui Lok Choi
Adjunct Faculty, Kinesiology
Adjunct Representative
Courtney Doussett
Faculty, Kinesiology
Chair of Outcomes & Assessments Committee
Daniel Martinez
Director, Institutional Research
Leadership Representative
Jermaine Cathcart
Instructor, Sociology
Faculty Representative
Lauro Jimenez
Classified Representative
Tony Clerc
Director, TRIO Veterans
Leadership Representative
Student Representative

Assess the performance of the college in relation to the goals and objectives specified in its strategic and operational plans. 
  • Lead the effort in the evaluation and modification of the Strategic Master Plan
  • Evaluate the planning and institutional effectiveness process and make recommendations regarding modifications to the process as needed