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College Planning Council


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Survey Evaluation of Fall 2017 Faculty Prioritization Process.pdf
SIUs 2012-13 to 2016-17 v3.xlsx
Rubric -  Faculty Prioritization 12-1-17.pdf
Raw data from Faculty Prioritization 12-1-17.pdf
Ranked Faculty Prioritization 12-1-17.pdf
Faculty Prioritization Process and Rubric - Updated 102717.pdf
Faculty Prioritization Pre-Meeting Agenda 11-16-17.pdf
Faculty Prioritization Agenda 12-1-17.pdf
Enrollment v2 w PH.xlsx
Email from Co-chairs re Results 12-4-17.pdf
Data List for Faculty Prioritization-2016-17_Scheduled Only.xlsx
Consolidated Faculty Requests 2017-18.pdf
Consolidated Faculty Requests 2017-18 - Ranked by School v6.pdf
College Update 2018-2019 Faculty Prioritization - Email from President Kinnamon 1-26-18.pdf