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Accessibility Resources


This page contains resources for our employees to reference when creating their content for student consumption.


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Accessibility Resources


3C Media
Upload videos here to get captions through the DECT grant
Video conference that supports closed captioning


CCC Accessibility Center Helpdesk
Ask your accessibility questions here
Outsourcing Document remediation
A service to make your documents accessible for a price


Accessibility White Paper 2017
Explains what accessibility is
Online Education Initiative - Course Design Rubric
Contains the online course design standards developed and adopted by the Online Education Initiative.
Portland CC Info
Nice step by step guides for accessibility
WCAG 2.0 AA Standard
The standard of accessibility


@ONE Training Website
Accessibility training for a fee
CCC Accessibility Center
Provides trainings, step by step guides
HTCTU – High Tech Center Training Unit
Free training for staff (they pay travel and hotel) until June 2018
PLN – Professional Learning Network (Lynda)
Access to lots of training videos including some on accessibility
Word Accessibility Step by Step
Step by step word accessibility

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