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BSI Strategic Goal and Objectives

BSI Strategic Goal: Ensure that basic skills development is a major focus and an adequately funded activity of College of the Desert.

  • OBJECTIVE #1. Increase opportunities for professional development in support of basic skills students in all courses and venues at COD.

  • OBJECTIVE #2. Assist the assessment of basic skills program SLOs and the setting and monitoring local success goals consistent with statewide goals.

  • OBJECTIVE #3. Implement the BSI research agenda and support the implementation of the common centralized diagnostic placement, should COD choose to adopt it.

  • OBJECTIVE #4. Faculty, staff andadministrators will share an understanding of COD’s basic skills students and develop a comprehensive strategy for addressing basic skills.

    OBJECTIVE #​5. COD will implement changes in academic programs and student and support services appropriate to basic skills students, to COD's basic skills SLOs, and to statewide goals.