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Since Summer 2003 College of the Desert has used Datatel to make improvements to the student registration and services area. We have grown with Datatel through several different user interface releases and web integrations. Our students have taken control of their experience through the use of WebAdvisor for registration, payments, transcripts and more. See the descriptions below and follow the links to learn more about the main points of our Administrative Computing area.

Datatel Release 18
Datatel Datatel Colleague is an advanced enterprise resource planning solution designed specifically for higher education. Colleague places your institution’s information at your fingertips. Based on an innovative single-source technology approach, coupled with a date-driven rules-based architecture, Colleague has unparalleled flexibility. Colleague works with virtually any database platform, operating system, integrated portal, and course management software solution, enabling you to choose the most cost-effective and dynamic configuration for your particular institution.
The groundbreaking architecture of Colleague preserves and maximizes your investment by allowing for independent and flexible upgrades, without affecting integral system components. You quickly receive and implement clear, concise system updates to address ongoing changes, such as regulatory mandates.
WebAdvisor WebAdvisor enables your institution to offer a full spectrum of online services through innovative business workflows and sophisticated forms. Community, services, e-commerce, and e-learning offerings are available with a single sign-on — making it hassle free to manage their education. WebAdvisor seamlessly integrates with Datatel Colleague, higher education’s most advanced enterprise resource planning solution, so all the information your constituents need is fed in real-time from one central, secure location.
UI 4.0
User Interface With the release of Colleague’s newest User Interface (UI 4), your daily interaction with Colleague has changed for the better. Colleague now has a powerful interface that incorporates Microsoft Silverlight technology, and brings a new level of functionality to Colleague – context. Having context allows you to easily move from one form to another to complete tasks.
Information provided here will assist the district in preparing, submitting and evaluating their term-end and annual MIS data
Collection of data queried by either College, District or Statewide for use in verifying your data or comparing it to other institutions

While Datatel has added a lot to our student experience, it wasn't able to do it all alone. As with many student system packages, there are needs that require third party add-ons.

Information on Add-ons Follow this link to learn more about the different Add-ons College of the Desert uses and how they make the student experience better.