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Emergency Telephone Services

A caller can make an emergency call from any regular coin-operated telephone (pay phone), any unique red phone strategically located in various key areas and marked as emergency phones, telephones on certain fax machines that have ATA devices and any telephone connected to the campus telephone system. Please contact the Information Systems and Education Technology department for technical assistance.

How to report emergencies:

Pay Telephones:

Dial 911


Elevator Phones:

Dial 911


Emergency Red Phones:

Dial 911


Fax ATA Device Phones:

Dial 911 or 8-911


Campus Phones:

Dial 911 or 9-911


All emergency calls connect you to Police Dispatch. Your location is automatically identified as our entire campus is divided into 40 zones. Each zone is individually named by department/ division and is broken down to the department level. Please stay on the line until the dispatcher gets all the information and hangs up. There is a service fee for any misdialed calls.

If an emergency telephone is ever found to be out of service, or appears to be vandalized, please report the problem immediately to IS & Ed Tech at extension 1300.

Location of Emergency Phones:

Analog Devices For Emergency

Elevator Phones

  • Diesel Mechanics Building Elevator 760-776-7227
  • Hilb Center Elevator #1 760-776-7206
  • Hilb Center Elevator #2 760-776-7315.

Emergency Contact Numbers:

Maintenance & Operations



Security ext.









Helpdesk PC



Helpdesk Media



During an emergency, the following locations can be used as Emergency Operations Center as they have been wired with the appropriate analog phone lines:

  • Stadium
  • Library
  • Maintenance
  • Administration

We have 2 PRI lines for voice. In the event PRI fails, we have the following as backup:

  • Four back up lines at the Palm Desert main campus, two at Westfield Shopping Town as well as one for EVC.
  • List of all employees' contacts are on file with Human Resources.
  • Three extra analog lines have been placed at designated emergency operation locations. These may be connected during emergencies.