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8/27/2014 1:33 PM2/2/2015 11:22 AMAt Risk StudentsAmanda PhillipsOther9/8/2014Tessa RohlCompleted
8/28/2014 2:43 PM10/9/2014 3:12 PMFire TechnologyScott VenturaAS9/2/2014Dr. Daniel Martinez, DirectorDaniel MartinezCompleted
9/2/2014 2:56 PM4/29/2015 8:36 AMStudents by MajorAmanda PhillipsCounseling9/30/2014Emila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
9/3/2014 12:28 PM11/5/2014 6:10 PMDeclared Art major listJudith CookARTS9/10/2014Emila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
9/3/2014 12:30 PM3/3/2015 5:51 PMStudent Equity ReportDr. Annebelle NeryIEESP9/5/2014Carlos Carballo, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
Initial data reported to SE committee. 75% completed.
9/3/2014 2:04 PM3/3/2015 5:58 PMPost-Graduation SurveyRevae ReynoldsPublic InformationCarlos Carballo, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
Survey is complete. Write up to start 20141201.
9/3/2014 4:36 PM3/3/2015 5:52 PMQuery: Architecture and related areasRobin CottonPublic Information9/10/2014Emila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
Number of students, both headcount and enrollments, and and number of degrees are provided. Need info from NSC.

We are working on your project today. We have been inundated with requests from all across the campus as soon as the semester began so I apologize for the delay.

As I was looking at the request, a couple of points need clarification.

>>•  The number of students studying in each area, men/women<<

Do you mean unique students or number of enrollments? Unique students, all regardless of FT/PT status

>>•  And/or transferring on into similar university programs<<

We can get transfer info but it will take us a few days. But one thing that is not provided is what major students choose when they transfer. All we can know is *if* they transferred. Yes, if they transferred is sufficient.

Furthermore, the typical transfer question looks at a cohort of students who have completed 6 or more units and allows up to 6 years from their first enrollment. We may need to discuss this part of your request because we need more detail.  All we need as a response to this question is if they transferred.

>>•  And/or were taking these classes but not for the specific degree<<

I'm not sure what this means. Can you help me understand your intent? For example, do you mean people who are not art majors who are taking art classes? Yes 
The designation of major is tricky because students can and do change their majors quite often. Can it be broken down by the number who are ‘art’ majors, the number who have declared a major in XX or XX or XX?
9/4/2014 4:25 PM3/3/2015 5:58 PMProgram CompletionsJohn JaramilloOther9/30/2014Tessa Rohl, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
1. Declared Majors – for which term? Fall 13, Fall 14
2. Number of 12/24 month completers – when to start or finish? In other words, if we look at the number of completers for Spring 2014, we could look to see how many of them started 12 or 24 months prior to that. Would that work? That would be great
3. Total completers – which term/year? 2013-14 And 2012 - 2013
9/10/2014 12:18 PM1/6/2017 9:56 AMMath 1A eligible students enrolled in Fall 2014Jim BergArts & Sciences9/10/2014Carlos Carballo, Research AnalystEmila RahimicCompleted
Provided an EXCEL file with a list of students who were currently enrolled in less than 12 units and who met the criteria.
*File: Math 1A Eligible F14.xlsx
9/10/2014 2:09 PM9/24/2014 2:09 PMDegrees and certificates by TOPs codeLarry McLaughlinAdvanced Transportation Technologies8/15/2014Tessa Rohl, Research AnalystMichael HarlowCompleted
Provided pivot chart using MIS completions data for the last 10 years.
9/16/2014 1:04 PM11/25/2014 9:17 AMCSEA InformationDenise Jensen, Field Director, Rancho Cucamonga Field OfficeCSEA9/30/2014Emila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
Field list provided in request.
Handed over to HR 20141125
9/23/2014 10:51 AM1/6/2017 10:03 AMPlacement Tests by High SchoolLeif JordanIEESP10/17/2014Emila Rahimic, Emila RahimicCompleted
Excel file: RR_Placement Test by High School_Leif Jordan_20141126 revDM.xlsx
9/23/2014 3:27 PM3/3/2015 5:51 PMSubmission for Student Success AwardDr. Annebelle NeryIEESP10/1/2014Carlos Carballo, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
9/23/2014 3:34 PM3/3/2015 5:50 PMStudent Demographics for 2013-2014Revae ReynoldsInstitutional Advancement9/26/2014Emila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
9/23/2014 4:43 PM5/31/2016 11:11 AMTRiO Grant Data Scott CooperEd Centers10/6/2014Tessa Rohl, Research AnalystMichael HarlowCompleted
Followed up regarding using Fall 2014 MIS data.

Dr. Martinez,

The question I have regarding the request are found in red. The main concern I have getting started is if this should ben enrollment numbers or headcount numbers AND if enrollment, should it be unique students or duplicated. Thank you!

Here is the actual research request:

COD total and EVC: Number and Percentage of Students Enrolled Who Meet the SSS Eligibility Requirements, 2013-2014  -- Should this be unique enrollment count for the entire 2013-14 year (enrollment = 1 and then unique students?)? And should it be students who meet all 4 of the requirements? Or counts for each?
•             College Enrollment
•             Low-Income – same as low SES definition? (Low SES = Any student who received one or any combination of the following Financial Aid awards - BOG A, BOG B, SEOG, PELL)
•             First Generation – definition?
•             Individuals with Disabilities – definition? Anyone on the “SD file”?
•             Students in need of academic support – definition?

COD total and EVC: Individuals with Disability Enrolled at COD and Type of Disability, Fall 2014 – unique enrollment count for the term? (enrollment = 1 and then unique students?)
•             Visually Impaired
•             Speech/Language
•             Hearing Impaired
•             Mobility Impaired
•             Learning Disabled
•             Acquired Brain Injury
•             Development Delayed
•             Psychological Disability
•             Other Disability

COD total and EVC: Percent of Entering Students Needing Remediation at COD, Fall 2014
•             Number and percent in reading, writing, mathematics over the past four fall terms – for the past 4 fall terms, # enrolled in below transfer level courses? Unique count?

COD total and EVC: Student counseling data
•             Current number of counseling staff and student to counselor ratio – do we have this in MIS data?

COD total and EVC: Demographics
•             COD Students by Ethnicity, past five years (using fall term data)
•             COD Faculty by Ethnicity, past five years
•             COD total and EVC Enrollment, Fall 2014 – unique or duplicated
•             COD total and EVC Gender, Ethnicity, and Age, Fall 2014
•             COD total and EVC Number of Financial Aid Recipients, 2013-2014

COD total and EVC: Student Performance
•             Retention of Students Fall to Fall, past five years, by SSS eligible and non-eligible – what does SSS eligible mean?
•             Good Academic Standing for SSS Eligible and Non-eligible students, Fall 2014
•             Graduation Rates for Students Entering (past four fall terms) by SSS eligible and non-eligible
•             COD Four Year Transfer Rates (past four fall terms) by SSS eligible and non-eligible
•             COD total and EVC Academic performance in Basic Skills Remedial English and Math Courses, Fall 2013 (Total Grades Awarded; Percent of A, B, and C Grades; Percent of ALL Other Grades Including W’s and I’s)
•             COD total and EVC Mean GPA Difference Between Eligible SSS Students and Non Eligible SSS First Time Students Who Enrolled in Fall 2013
•             COD total and EVC Comparison Between SSS Eligible and Non Eligible First Time Students who Achieve a GPA of 2.00 or Higher During Their First Semester

Tessa Rohl, MS
Research Analyst, Institutional Research

Latest  data is best!!

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Susan Perri <>
Date: December 1, 2014, 7:18:20 AM PST
To: Scott Cooper <>
Cc: Sarah Sorvalis <>, Annebelle Nery <>, Ryan Kerr <>
Subject: Re: EVC SSS Proposal Items
Hi Scott

I think if you can get the more recent data, and the application deadline
allows for this, we should go with that.


Susan Perri MPA
Grants Consultant

Hanover Research
4401 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22203
(o/c) 585.278.5261
9/24/2014 10:15 AM11/4/2014 5:38 PMEmployee list for Transportation SurveyMisti SantanaHuman Resources9/26/2014Emila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
9/30/2014 11:03 AM10/28/2014 11:45 AMprogram dataKelly HallASBUEmila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
9/30/2014 11:25 AM11/4/2014 6:13 PMRequest for Faculty load sheetsMisti SantanaHuman Resources10/2/2014Dr. Daniel Martinez, DirectorDaniel MartinezCompleted
This was completed by Stephany Tellez.
10/2/2014 12:14 PM3/3/2015 5:57 PMPlacement and selection of Reading/English basic skills classesGary BergstromCommunications11/1/2014Carlos Carballo, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
10/3/2014 2:57 PM10/28/2014 12:05 PMProgram Review DataKelly HallBusiness10/10/2014Emila Rahimic, Daniel MartinezCompleted
A draft of information has been created. Meeting with Dr. Hall this week to discuss progress.

Met with Dr. Hall to discuss the results on 10/23/2014.
10/16/2014 3:11 PM12/1/2014 11:42 AMMath 70 Boot Camp DataKatie ChartierHSI/BSI10/30/2014Carlos Carballo, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
10/16/2014 3:16 PM5/31/2016 11:11 AMUnduplicated headcounts for Degree/certificate earners in CTEJohn Caffery; John JaramilloApplied Sciences & Business10/24/2014Tessa Rohl, Research AnalystMichael HarlowCompleted
File sent to requester.
10/30/2014 4:51 PM1/6/2017 10:16 AMFinancial Aid Report for APRTula MarinTRiO SSS EVC11/3/2014Tessa Rohl, Research AnalystEmila RahimicCompleted
File received 20141103. In Pending directory.

Used MIS data.
Report file name: TRIO EC Cohorts - Aid Amounts.xlsx
11/3/2014 2:47 PM8/18/2015 9:24 PMFinancial Aid Received on Annual Performance Report (APR) for ACES Enrolled students Fall 2013 - Summer 2014 Adell B. BynumTRiO ACES 11/7/2014Tessa Rohl, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
File received 20141104. In Pending directory.

Please add:  Marianne Magana, ID# 0523981 to this roster of students.

Sent a link with financial aid types for identification of which ones to use.

FYI:  There are only 25 students that received the Grant In Aid Stipend, so don’t worry about identifying any them.  I will use my Grant In Aid sign-n sheet for the check the student received and then deduct the $600 from the amount you give me.

Used MIS data.
11/4/2014 4:13 PM1/6/2017 10:19 AMTRiO DSPS Financial Aid Laurie MannTRiO DSPS11/12/2014Tessa Rohl, Research AnalystEmila RahimicCompleted
Used MIS data for request.
Report file: TRiO DSPS Financial Aid - Aid Amounts.xlsx
11/5/2014 2:44 PM5/27/2015 1:56 PMCollege Board Annual SurveyDr. Daniel MartinezInstitutional Research12/16/2014Carlos Carballo, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
Waiting on CDS

Note: If you wish to submit the Common Data Set (CDS) 2014–2015 in lieu of the Annual Survey of Colleges, you can download a blank CDS form in a variety of formats. Please email your completed form as an attachment to Eileen Thompson at

Blank CDS form:

Institution code: SBQBGP
Password: CA409

12/1/2014 10:24 AM12/2/2014 12:10 PMMath 70 Boot Camp Katie ChartierHSI /BSI12/8/2014Carlos Carballo, Research AnalystDaniel MartinezCompleted
1/14/2015 7:05 PM5/31/2016 11:12 AMGainful Employment DisclosuresDeanna MurrellFinancial Aid1/30/2015Emila Rahimic, Michael HarlowCompleted
1/21/2015 9:53 PM3/3/2015 6:00 PMReading/EnglishGary BergstromCommunications2/25/2015Daniel MartinezCompleted
1/28/2015 6:20 PM3/3/2015 6:00 PMIPEDS Financial Aid, Graduation, and AdmissionsDr. Daniel MartinezInstitutional Research2/9/2015Daniel MartinezCompleted
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