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  • Program Review Update

      2016-17 PRU Template

This link will take you to the PRU data that the Office of Institutional Research produced for instructional courses for the last several years, which includes the following:

  • Student Success Rate
  • Student Retention Rate
  • FTES
  • Number of Sections
  • FTEF Staffing

Any text data is copied and pasted from the previous year. PLEASE NOTE: Work Experience courses (i.e., courses numbered as 095) are not included in the data we provide.

Program Review Dashboard 

The Office of Institutional Research has created a dashboard with several charts and tables to assist with PRUs. The charts include FTES, fill rates, enrollment and headcount, and other measures. There are also graphs which include gender, SES, age, and ethnicity. 


CTE PRU Data from the Launchboard, 2016

This report describes the process of linking programs to outcomes data and describes the effort the Launchboard has made in combining this information into a single, user-friendly dashboard. This report provides data collected and reported in the same way for each CTE program offered by COD and identified as vocational in the TOP Code file created by the staff of the Centers of Excellence. For ease of use, the reader can jump to a particular program in the index.

Faculty and administrators are encouraged to discuss any unexpected findings reported here with the Director of Institutional Research so that each question can be investigated more deeply. Any concerns will be collected in one place to provide feedback to the Launchboard personnel.