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Early Advantage EvaluationAmanda PhillipsIn Progress
ADN Program Admission CriteriaCurt Luttrell11/5/2014
Online Student Succcess and RetentionChristen Smith11/10/2014Pending Assignment &
Program Review AssessmentDr. Daniel Martinez10/29/2014
Reimbursment for MUS 99Jim Berg11/21/2014In Progress
EDGE EvaluationAmanda Phillips2/27/2015In Progress
EDGE current studentsJenna Huntzinger2/24/2015
Chemistry 004 and English Betty Baluski2/27/2015In Progress
Map CCSSE to SLOs, PLOs, and ILOsDr. Daniel Martinez3/4/2015
Non-credit FTES Projections Spring 2015Ty Thomas2/20/2015
PS 1Sara Butler3/26/2015
EDGE Math 070 EvaluationAmanda Phillips4/30/2015In Progress
Relationship between placement scores and placementDr. Daniel Martinez6/30/2015
Early Alert, course basedDr. Daniel Martinez6/30/2015
Enrollment ProjectionsDr. Daniel Martinez4/30/2015
Transfer/United We FailDr. Daniel Martinez6/30/2015
MilestonesDr. Daniel Martinez6/30/2015
HistoryOceana Collins10/9/2015
Enrollment for PS 2 and PS 4Sara Butler10/5/2015
Math 70 COD Eligible Students Jocelyn Vargas (Katie Chartier) 10/23/2015
Anthropology Ellen Hardy and Leslie Mouriquand 10/12/2015
SEP's by MajorAmanda Phillips11/1/2015
Equity Research Data for DSPSKirstin Shiels for Leslie Young10/23/2015
Peterson's Survey, Undergrad ExpensesDr. Daniel Martinez10/30/2015
Gainful EmploymentDeanna Murrell1/22/2016In Queue: Not Started
Peterson's Survey, UndergradsDr. Daniel Martinez2/19/2016In Queue: Not Started
Time to DegreeDr. Daniel Martinez2/29/2016
Success of basic skills students not in basic skillsDr. Daniel Martinez2/29/2016
Peterson's Annual Survey of Financial AidPetersons.com3/11/2016In Queue: Not Started
Entering Students InformationDr. Daniel Martinez2/18/2016
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