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Institutional Research

Institutional Research supports the mission of College of the Desert by providing timely, accurate, objective data and information about the institution and the students it serves. The web pages contain the following:

Reports & Data  
  Enrollments: Dashboards for tracking enrollments of current term (updated 3 times daily), as well as archived enrollment dashboards from prior terms. ftes.gif FTES: Information from the recent State 320 apportionment attendance report submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office.
Student Characteristics: Student demographics, headcount, enrollments based on fall census estimate, financial aid & other student characteristics.  Fact Book: Information compiled by Institutional Research on student characteristics, headcount, enrollments, outcomes, employee information, etc..

Information Warehouse: Information in alphabetical order by subject on student outcomes, student incoming skills, employee data, etc..

External Reports: Student Success Scorecard, ​ARCC Reports, IPEDS Feedback Reports, CO Student Services Programs Annual Review Data, CCSSE Reports.
  Program Review: Data compiled by Institutional Research for the 5-year program reviews ( Academic Affairs).   Environmental Scan: Links to environment information about COD, the community, Riverside County, California Community College system, etc..
Research Tools  

EMS: Online tool custom made for the COD. Helps plan, analyze, and manage class schedules. Gives daily update on class schedule, faculty assignments, enrollments, FTES, productivity, etc., at any organizational level.

Informer: Online, real time reporting tool that interfaces with Datatel
 00researchfinder.gif Research Finder: Looking for Data? This should be your first stop.  

Zoomerang: Tool used by departments to create and manage online surveys.
 Links​ ​​​
Links: A list of external links with helpful research information. dictionary.png

Data Dictionaries: Centralized repository of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage, and format.