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​CSUSB Partnership

The Title V Cooperative grant links College of the Desert with California State University, San Bernardino-PDC. It has a single integrated activity to improve student learning and student success with a focus on Hispanic, low income, and first generation students. The project will be implemented through three integrated components.
  1. The first will focus on providing academic support services to assist more students to transfer from a community college to a university, to succeed at the university level and to graduate in a timely manner.

  2. The second component will create a joint Faculty Development Center to assist faculty and staff to develop more appropriate strategies and methodologies in and out of the classroom.

  3. The third component is a joint effort to develop improved mechanisms for increasing external support and funding for both institutions. Finally, this grant also commits 20% of funds for endowment.
Title V Goals
COD and CSUSB have agreed on the following goals to be achieved over the next five years through the activities proposed in the Title V Cooperative project:
  1.  To significantly increase the COD transfer rate to four year colleges and universities

  2. To significantly increase the retention and graduation rates of PDC students

  3. To increase learning and the effectiveness of instruction and advising through the development of a joint COD/PDC faculty development collaborative

  4. To develop and expand fund development efforts for both institutions

  5. To increase endowment funds for both COD and CSUSB, PD.
The new and expanded services that are proposed will be woven into the life of both institutions. Through extensive training and education programs, what we propose in this project will potentially touch 100% of the faculty and students at both institutions, and potentially thousands of students, as well as a wide range of employers and their employees in the Coachella Valley.
The faculty development activities, potential instructional and course revisions, the expansion of academic support services and the expansion of external fund development activities will also become institutionalized at COD and CSUSB with key aspects built into ongoing training for all new faculty hired.

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