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​Inspecting Carol

College of the Desert's Performing Arts Department is holding auditions for "INSPECTING CAROL" on September 12 & 13 at 6:30 p.m. Call backs are scheduled for September 14.


 Character List for auditions.

The ages listed are for the original cast. They are included for informational purposes only. Please do not let the age of the characters deter you from auditioning. The cast can easily be skewed younger.

For the initial audition, please prepare a 1 minute comedic monologue, memorized, and a chorus or verse of an up-tempo, jolly Christmas Carol to sing a cappella. An example would be, We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Have fun with it! For the callback, sides from the show will be provided.


Zorah Bloch--Founding director of The Soapbox Playhouse. Extremely self-concerned. 40’s

Sidney Carlton--A founding member of the company. Kind, but somewhat addled. 60’s

Dorothy Tree Hapgood--Sidney’s wife. English and unable to lose her accent. Founding member. 60’s

Larry Vauxhall--Tough, intellectually vain. Child of the 60’s sensibility, still looking for a turn-on. Founding member. 40’s

Phil Hewlett—Obsessive. Usually plays the ineffectual character in any Soapbox production. Founding member. 40’s

Walter E. Parsons—recently taken up acting again after a stint in the Armed Forces. Good natured, excitable. African American. 30’s

Luther Beatty—A large eleven-year-old. He’s been playing Tiny Tim two years too long. At least. Extremely friendly. To play 11, not necessarily 11.

Kevin Emery—A nervous man in the impossible position of managing director. Afraid of Zorah. 40’s

M.J. (Mary Jane) McMann—A realist. She long ago realized that the Company hit bottom. She looks on now as a bemused member. 40’s

Betty Andrews—An inspector for the National Endowment for the Arts. A forbidding appearance. 40’s

Bart Frances—A pleasant youth. A motorcycle jacket and torn jeans type. 20’s

Wayne Wellacre—In search of a new career in acting. No training, less talent, affable, eager to please. 30’s

The show is November 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 on the Palm Desert Campus in Theatre Too.

Check out the auditions page for more information about auditioning for this show or future shows at COD.