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Meet Emily Gregory, She Faces Challenges On the Court and Off


COD student, Emily Gregory, turns heads on the volleyball court not only for her outstanding play, but because she is a volleyball star with only one hand. She was born with a congenital condition in which her left arm appears amputated at the elbow.EmilyGregory.jpg

Coach Marion Champion has this to say, “Emily is a pleasure to coach. I don't treat her any differently than I do any other player on our team. She just does what the other women do, but with only one arm. I've never seen her give-up or complain. She just continues to give it her all every single day. What more could a coach want?"

What more, indeed. It is clear that she adapts well and doesn’t let anything slow her down. In volleyball, height can be a significant advantage and Emily is 5’9” and demonstrates her athleticism every time she steps on the court in her role as an outside hitter. She is in the top 20 for “kills” and kill percentage in the Foothill Conference of EmilyGregoryjump.jpgwhich COD is a member. (For those of you new to volleyball lingo, a kill is an offensive shot that is not returnable by the opposing team and results in a point scored.)

She gives lots of credit to her parents who never restricted her activities and always motivated her to do things that everyone else does.
Emily started playing volleyball when she was in high school at Shadow Hills. She loves every aspect of the game and notes, “Volleyball is the essence of a team sport and you have many chances to show what you’re capable of.”
She plans to continue playing volleyball as she pursues her education. Her goal is to finish her Associate’s degree at College of the Desert, earn a Bachelor’s degree in science, and become a registered nurse. Given her “can do” attitude and her commitment to excellence, she will no doubt do just that.