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Two Students in a Computer Lab.

Certificate and Degree Programs

Please see the College Catalog for the most recent program requirements.

Major / Department Certificate Non-Transfer Degree Transfer Degree
Administration of Justice C AS AS-T*
Adult Basic Education/GED
   Arborist Technician​ C
   Environmental Horticulture C AS AS
   Landscape & Irrigation Technician C
   Pest Management Technician C
   Plant Science AS AS-T*
   Turfgrass Management C AS
   Turfgrass Management Technician C
Air Conditioning /HVACR C AS
Architecture / Environmental Design
   Architectural Technology C AS AS
   Building Inspection Technology C
   Construction Management C AS AS
   General Drafting C AA
   Real Estate Development C
   Art History AA-T*
   Studio Arts AA-T*
Advanced Transportation Technologies AS
   Automotive Alternate Fuels C
Automotive Technology AS
   Automotive Air Conditioning C
   Automotive Electrical C
   Automotive Emissions C
   Automotive Engine Management C
   Automotive Transmission & Axle C
   General Automotive Service C
   Steering, Suspension, & Alignment C
   Accounting C AS
   Business Administration AS-T*
   Business, General AS
   Golf Management C AA
   Hospitality Management C AS AA
   Human Resource Generalist C
   Retail Management C
Communication Studies AA-T*
Computer Information Systems 
​C ​AS
​   Administrative Office Assistant ​C
   ​Administrative Office Professional ​C
Computer Science​ AS
Culinary Arts
   Basic Culinary Arts C
   Intermediate Culinary Arts C
   Culinary Management C AS
Digital Design and Production C AA
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
   Early Childhood Education AS AS-T*
   Early Childhood Ed-Teacher C
   Early Childhood Ed-Master Teacher C
   Early Childhood Education Site Supervisor C
Economics​ AA-T*
Elementary Teacher Education AA-T*
Energy Systems Technology C
English AA-T*
English As A Second Language - Credit (ESL) L+
English As A Second Language - Noncredit (ESLN) C
​Fire Technology C AS AS
   Basic Fire Fighter C
Foreign Languages
​   French ​AA
Health Sciences
   Health Science AS
   Home Health Aide L+
   Nursing Assistant L+
   Registered Nurse (ADN) AS
   Vocational Nurse (VN) C AS
Human Services/ Alcohol & Drug Studies ​C ​AS
Journalism   AA-T*
Kinesiology /Athletics
   Coaching L+
   Kinesiology AA-T*
   Recreation AS
   Fitness Specialist C
Liberal Arts AA
Mathematics AS &
Natural Resources​
​  ​​ N​atural Resources​​ ​AS ​AS
   ​Desert Ec​olo​gist​ ​C
   Desert Nat​uralist​ ​L+​
​   Field Ranger​ ​​C
Performing Arts
  ​  Music AA-T*
​    Music Technology ​C
​    Musical Theatre ​C
    Theatre Arts AA-T*
Public Safety Academy
   Basic Fire Fighter C
   Emergency Medical Care C
   ​Emergency Medical Technician  L+​
   Police Science AS
   Reserve Police Officer C
Sciences, Biological AS-T*
Sciences, Physical
   Chemistry AS &
   Environmental Sciences AS
   Environmental Studies, Interdepartmental AS
   Geology AS-T*
   Physics AS-T*
Social Sciences
   Anthropology AA-T*
   Geography AA-T*
   History AA-T*
   Philosophy AA-T*
   Political Science AA-T*
   Psychology AA &
   Social Science AA
   Sociology AA-T*
Work Experience

* Students Transfer Achievement Reform Act (Senate Bill 1440)

See 2014-2015 COD Catalog, pa​ge 59, for more information.

+ Locally approved certificates

​These are not notated on the student's transcript in accordance with State regulations.