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​Liberal Arts with Emphasis in Business and Technology   

These courses emphasize the integration of theory and practice within the fields of business and technology. Students will develop the ability to effectively manage and lead organizations. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the place of business and technology within the global economy. Students will critically apply ethical standards to business practices and decisions.
Courses from Business Accounting, Business Finance, Business Hotel Management, Business Management, Business Supervision and Management, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Political Science are acceptable.
with emphasis in Business and Technology
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
General Education (CSU GE or  IGETC) 37-39

Area of Emphasis
(18 units required from courses listed below with at least 2 or more courses from 1 discipline)
     BUAC 3, 4, 4A, 10, 20A, 20B
     BUFI 12, 13
     BUHM 50, 63
     BUMA 1, 10, 20A*, 27, 28, 32, 64
     CIS 10, 72D, 81B, 82C, 83D, 85C, 86
     CS 7A*, 7B, 8, 9
     ECON 1, 2, 11
     MATH 10*, 14*, 15
     PHIL 14
     PS 4
     SOC 3*
Courses selected can be used to also fulfill a GE area, see a counselor for appropriate course selection; all courses transfer to CSU; courses in BOLD also transfer to UC 

*indicates that transfer credit is limited depening on UC                                                              

​​Electives (as needed to reach 60 transferable units)
Kinesiology Activities 2