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The Music program offers a wide range of courses in music fundamentals, musicianship, harmony, appreciation, history, technology and musical theatre, as well as group instruction in piano, voice and guitar. Private lessons are available to music majors through the applied music program. Public performance opportunities are provided to both majors and non-majors enrolled in instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and musical theatre productions. It is the goal of the music program to:
  • help students develop their musical and intellectual potential to the highest possible level.
  • provide a broad foundation of knowledge in the theory, history, literature and practice of performing arts for students wishing to pursue degree, certificate, transfer and vocational agendas.
  • promote community awareness of the relationship between music and the history of human values, cultural diversity and the liberal arts tradition.
  • promote the development of discipline-specific skills appropriate to the training of those who wish to teach, those who will pursue advanced studies or professional employment, and those who will use their artistic training in community settings and other cultural service areas.
  • enable all students to benefit from the cultural richness of our heritage through both traditional and experimental performance practices.


Careers in music include performer, educator, conductor, composer, arranger, accompanist, recording engineer, radio/television audio engineer, music minister, music therapist, private instructor. 

Degrees and Certificates offered:
  • Associate of Arts: Music
  • Music Technology Certificate of Achievement
  • Musical Theatre Certificate of Achievement
Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in music should consult with an advisor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements.

Anthony Fesmire
afesmire@collegeofthedesert.edu 760-776-7477 

Darlene Romano (vocal)
dromano@collegeofthedesert.edu 760-776-7240

    and Transfer Preparation
    Dept. No. Title Units
    Required Core :
    MUS 1 Music Theory I 4
    ​MUS 2​ Music Theory II​ 4​
    ​MUS ​3 ​Music Theory III ​4
    ​MUS ​4 Music Theory IV 4​

    or MUS


    ​Applied Music, Instrumental
    Applied Music, Vocal
    (2 units chosen from MUS 99A or MUS 99B in consultation with Music Advisor)



    ​ ​ ​ ​
    Performance Ensembles - 4 units chosen from the following in consultation
    with Music advisor:
    MUS 27 Jazz Band 1
    MUS 28 Jazz Ensembles 1
    ​MUS 29​ Jazz Singers​ ​1
    ​MUS ​31 ​Chamber Singers ​1
    ​MUS ​33 ​Symphonic Band ​1
    ​ ​ ​ ​
      Music Subtotal 22
    CSU General Education or IGETC Pattern 
    Kinesiology Activities 2
      DEGREE TOTAL 61-63


    Dept. No. Title Units
    MUS 12 Fundamentals of Music 3
    MUS 21A Piano I 2
    MUS 21B Piano II 2
    ​MUS ​21C ​Piano III 2​
    ​MUS ​78A ​Digital Audio I ​3
    ​MUS ​78B ​Digital Audio II ​3
    ​MUS ​78C Digital Audio III​ ​3




    Dept. No. Title Units
    ​MUS ​7 ​History of Musical Theatre ​3
    ​MUS ​86 ​Musical Theatre Performance ​3
    ​MUS ​90 ​Musical Theatre Workshop ​1
    ​DANC ​73 ​Dance, Jazz ​1
    ​DANC ​76 ​Dance, Ballet ​1
    ​TA​​ ​2 ​Acting I ​3
    TA​​ 3 ​Acting II ​3
    Select 2 courses from the following (4 units)​
    MUS ​22A ​Voice I ​2
    ​MUS ​22B ​Voice II ​2
    ​MUS​​ ​22C ​Voice III ​2