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and Transfer Preparation
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
MATH 1A Calculus 5
MATH 1B Calculus 5
MATH 2A Multivariate Calculus 5
PH 4A Engineering Physics 5
PH 4B Engineering Physics 5
PH 4C Engineering Physics 5
PH 4A Engineering Physics 5
​ ​ ​
It is highly recommended for students to take the following courses that are part of major preparation at many CSUs and UCs. Consult with counselors for additional requirements:
​MATH 2B​ ​Linear Algebra 4​
​MATH 2C​ ​Differential Equations ​4
​CH 1A​ ​General Chemistry I ​5
​CH 1B​ ​General Chemistry II ​5
CS 7A Computer Science 4
  Required Subtotal 30
  CSU General Education or IGETC Pattern1 (confer with Counselor) 37-39
Transferable Electives2 (as needed to reach 60 transferable units)
Kinesiology Activities 2
1 Units for the major may be double counted for CSU GE or IGETC, confer with Counselor.  
2 Elective units to reach 60 unit total must be CSU transferable, confer with Counselor.
Advisor: Doug MacIntire