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Automotive Technology Degree

The Automotive Technologies degree program offers students the opportunity to learn the academic and occupational skills needed by entry-level technicians in the automotive industry.  The degree is aligned with the standards of the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). The program is NATEF certified, a member of the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), and a Local Mopar College Automotive Program (Mopar CAP Local).

The curriculum was developed with industry guidance and prepares students with foundation courses. A key focus is on electronic technologies and other advanced diagnostic technologies used in light-duty vehicles currently produced and serviced by the major manufacturers.

The degree program’s emphasis is on key vehicle systems including electrical, engine performance, emissions, braking, steering & suspension, engine, transmission, and heating and air conditioning. Within each system, the student is taught to understand its operation, function, maintenance, repair, and diagnosis. In addition to the degree option, the automotive technology certificate programs are designed to be as flexible as possible in offering students and working technicians the opportunity to gain the needed knowledge and skills with a short term commitment

As students progress through the program, they will be exposed to other aspects of the transportation industry that include personal planning, development of individual and team working skills, development of advanced technical knowledge, health and safety, and environmental issues.

Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
AUTO 10 Introduction To Automotive Technology 4
AUTO 11B Auto Electronics ​& Electrical Systems 4
AUTO 11C Advanced Automotive Electrical Systems 5
AUTO 12A Automotive Steering & Suspension 4
AUTO 13A Automotive Braking Systems 4
AUTO 14A Automotive Engine Management 4
AUTO 15 Automotive Engine Diagnosis & Repair 4
AUTO 20A Automotive Quick Service 3
AUTO 21A Automotive Diagnosis And Troubleshooting 2
AUTO 95A Automotive Technology Work Experience* 2
AUTO 99 Auto/Advanced Transportation Summation 1
    Required Subtotal 37
Electives - 6 units from the following:
AUTO 14B Advanced Engine Management 5
AUTO 16 Automotive Manual Transmissions ad Drive Train Systems 4
AUTO 17 Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles 4
AUTO 18 Automotive Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning 4
AUTO 43A Hybrid, Fuel-Cell & Electric Technology 3
AUTO 45A Intro To Alternative Fuel Vehicles 2
AUTO 54C Basic & Advanced Clean Air Car Course 7
AUTO 95A Automotive Technology Work Experience* (in addition to required) 1-2
ACR 60 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I 3
ACR 64 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Electricity I 3
WELD 10 Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding 3
Required Subtotal 43
    COD General Education Pattern 18
    Kinesiology (PE)  Activities 2
*For extenuating circumstances, as deemed by the automotive advisor, work experience may be fulfilled through a special shop project or an appropriate elective.