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Hospital Facility Links

Within this page you will find links to the information and documents that are required of each student before the start of the clinical rotation.  It will be your responsibility to complete ALL of the required documentation, and to complete all of the steps required by the hospital in order to be cleared.

If you have been continuously enrolled in our nursing program, you will need to present the following documentation to the HR department personnel during an onboarding session of the facility where you have a clinical assignment for the current semester.  (If you are an employee of the facility you are assigned to, check with that HR Dept. for any exceptions that may apply to you concerning the on-boarding process.)
Registration is through our office and must be completed on one of the dates posted in the on-boarding schedules noted below before the beginning of your rotation at the facility.  Your on-boarding date may be assigned by the facility. 

For your appointment you will need:

  • Proof of clearance from original onboarding facility
  • Proof of clearance for drug screening (including alcohol) - NO urine dipstick drug tests accepted
  • Background check results from onboarding facility
  • Proof of current TB clearance (annual is required)
  • Test results (titers…) for all labs drawn
  • Proof of immunizations/vaccinations (you may use this form if needed)
  • Current American Heart Association CPR card
  • Picture ID
  • Completed and signed documents associated with facility on the COD facility website
  • COD Occupational Health Student Attestation Form​
It is your responsibility to prove that you have been previously cleared by one of the three facilities.  If you need copies of your results, you may contact your original onboarding facility.  Please note that they will need time to process your request, and there may be a fee.  You will be required to prove your clearance to each facility you enter in the future. We suggest that you keep the “proof” in an organized file easily presented when needed (your compliance folder). You will also need to provide your instructor with a copy of your hospital clearance and your CPR card.
Documents must be completed before your clearance appointment with your clinical facility.
All documents associated with your clinical facility are required reading.
Students assigned to JFK, EMC, DRMC must complete a HireRight application, HireRight will email students a link and sign-in information individually at their COD email address.
Please do not contact JFK, DRMC, or EMC HR Departments.
If you need further assistance please call the Health Sciences Office at (760) 773-2579.

Student Clearance Processing for information regarding background checks at DRMC. 

DRMC updated student packet Fa17.pdf

DO NOT contact HR / Employee Health just to confirm receipt of your materials.
They will contact you if there is anything further needed.

The student packet information is now in two sections:
  1. Required Health & Immunization Standards
  2. DRMC Student Clearance Processing


If you have questions concerning the EMC documents linked below,
email for faster response: aignacio@emc.org


 Eisenhower Medical Center

Employee Health Packet Letter for COD Students 2016Jul21.pdf
Pre-rotation requirements8-7-13.pdf

 John F Kennedy Hospital

JFK Campus Map.pdf
JFK General Processing12-10.pdf
JFK Occupational Health Student Attestation Form 1-15.pdf
JFK sp2015 Student On-Boarding Packet.pdf
PREentrance medical record.pdf