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School of Arts & Sciences

School of Social Sciences & Arts

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences at College of the Desert! We proudly offer the core of the general education and transfer curriculum at COD.  In addition to meeting degree and transfer requirements, courses in the Arts and Sciences serve other vital purposes in the lives of individuals and societies. According to the Task Force on General Education at Harvard University, a liberal arts education: heightens students' awareness of the human and natural worlds they inhabit. It makes them more reflective about their beliefs and choices, more self-conscious and critical of their presuppositions and motivations, more creative in their problem-solving, more perceptive of the world around them, and more able to inform themselves about the issues that arise in their lives, personally, professionally, and socially.
The faculty of the School of Sciences and Arts are committed to their teaching and to your learning, whether it happens in the classroom, lab, studio, performance hall, office, or other small-group settings where instruction and mentoring take place. Although teaching is the primary focus of our faculty, they are also scholars, researchers, artists, and practitioners in their academic disciplines. We encourage you to take an active role in seeking their assistance and guidance on academic matters and potential career paths.


Kelly Hall, Interim Dean, Arts and Social Science

Cheryl Houston, Administrative Assistant, Arts and Social Sciences 


Dr. Darlene Romano, Arts-Media, Chair

Linda Emerson, Social Sciences, Chair