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Faculty Performing Arts Music

Dr. Darlene Romano​, Professor of Music, Arts and Media Chair
Musical Theater, Music Appreciation, Voice
Vocal Music Advisor: dromano@collegeofthedesert.edu
Dr. Anthony Fesmire​, Associate Professor of Music
Jazz Studies, Music Theory, Jazz Guitar
Instrumental Music Advisor: afesmire@collegeofthedesert.edu
Timothy Bruneau​, Adjunct Faculty
Choral Ensembles, Class Voice, Applied Voice
Michael Fleischmann​, Adjunct Faculty
Symphonic Band, Applied High Brass
Dr. Kelly Corbin, Adjunct Faculty
Jazz Band, Jazz Ensembles, Applied Saxophone

Mark Almy, Adjunct Faculty
Class Voice, Applied Voice
Dr. Keegan Anglim​, Adjunct Faculty
Class Jazz/Rock Guitar, History of Jazz, Applied Jazz Guitar

Anthony Arizaga, Adjunct Faculty
Class Guitar, Applied Classical Guitar

Danny Holt​, Adjunct Faculty
Class Piano, Intro to Music, Applied Classical Piano
Mikael Jacobson, Adjunct Faculty
History of Rock, Songwriting, Applied Bass
Dr. Vanessa Sheldon, Adjunct Faculty
Music Appreciation, Fundamentals of Music
Scott Smith, Adjunct Faculty, Staff Accompanist
Music Technology, Musical Theatre, Applied Jazz Piano
Mary Stupin, Adjunct Faculty
Intro to Music, History of Film Music
Dan Waddell, Adjunct Faculty, Staff Accompanist
Class Piano
Michael Milligan, Choreographer
Musical Theatre Workshop
Matthew Howe, Applied Instructor
Drum Set, Percussion
Mark Linford, Applied Instructor
Jazz guitar
Jeff Stupin, Applied Instructor
Low brass
Joel Baker, Staff Accompanist

Deborah Cox​, Staff Accompanist