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Work Experience

Location: Business Bldg, Rm 1k

Hours: Monday- Friday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Contact: 760-862-1344





For a complete application packet, go to the Business Bldg, Rm 1K, 862-1344 (or complete the online application on the left & remember to register on WebAdvisor)

The purpose of the Cooperative Work Experience Education program is to familiarize students to the "real world of work" and enable them to integrate their classroom learning to a real work environment. Through Work Experience students have the opportunity to earn college credit for their current job or internship.
Getting Started
  1. Job/Internship needs to be lined up ahead of time.  
  2. Application to be turned in the first couple of days of the semester.
  3. Complete an Class Introduction  
  4. Setup 1st Counseling appointment & then your 1st Job-Site visit ASAP.