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Steps to get started:

  •  Have a job or internship
    Jobs or internships need to be lined up ahead of time.
    If you are looking for a job, please visit www.CODjobHUB.com

  • Register  student will have to manually type in the number of units they qualify for.
    (number of hours worked will determine the amount of units you may take, see Hour Requirement for more information)

  • Complete an Application

    Turn in or scan & email back both forms to the Work Experience Office within the first days of the semester.
    *if needed a complete application packet may be pickup in the Administration Building Room 5/6, (760) 862-1344

  • Complete Class Introduction

Print the Following Required Documentation 

  • 1st Coaching Worksheet "Learning Objectives"
    This worksheet is used to develop possible objectives to work on for the semester.
    (bring to your 1st Coaching session)

  • Fall 2017 Syllabus  contains class requirements and due dates 

  • Letter to EmployerExplains the Work Experience program to employers

  • Timesheet: Turned in on or near the 7th of each month signed by both you and the employer.

  • Hour Requirement : Required hours per unit (paid & volunteer)


  • Contact the Work Experience Office  760.862.1344

    Find out who your instructor will be & setup 1st Coaching appointment (with your Instructor on campus)

    Then setup your 1st Job-Site visit (with your Instructor and your supervisor at your job site)


  • Refer to the syllabus

    This document will contain all your class requirements