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I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of new information and experience that I have acquired in taking a work experience class this semester. I think it is a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge and experience in their career area of choice. I already have eight years of experience working as a Certified Nurses Assistant but this class has taught me general sills for the workplace. I believe that my three objectives for this semester have improved my job skills tremendously.
~ Melody Goldman, COD Work Experience Student, CNA
CWEE is a powerful tool to any individual who are basically striving to be at their best in the workforce. The goals one pursues can enhance the whole work environment: that results in molding a positive optimistic team. Finally I feel that goals, instruction, and time are the top three factors for improvement. I believe that the workplace would benefit if the program were used as a training tool for all employees.
~ Marian Odoh, COD Work Experience Student, Security Checkpoint Supervisor
I have had a wonderful learning experience during this semester. Enrolling in the Cooperative Work Experience program challenged me to use various Microsoft Office programs to streamline several office functions. I stepped out of my comfortable regime and took some risks I would not have taken if not for the encouragement of my supervisor and that of Michelle Richards. In closing I would like to say this has been the most challenging and exciting class I have taken at college of the Desert. The direction I received at the orientation was concise and clear. Each appointment with Michelle Richards was not only helpful and punctual but provided insights to the workplace I had not considered. Her forthright and professional manner gave me a goal toward which I can grow.
~ Danette Melton, COD Work Experience Student, A/P Clerk
By meeting and surpassing the goals that I set for myself during my participation in this program, I helped myself become a better employee and a better person. I look forward to participating in the Work Experience program this next semester.
~ Forest Meadows, COD Work Experience Student, Police Officer

The COD Work Experience Program allows students to explore specific career opportunities & receive valuable hands-on experience while studying theory in their academic setting.  Students with an entrepreneurial spirit can utilize the Work Experience Program to test their managerial abilities & enhance their business skills before they submit formal applications for career opportunities.  Those with a work experience background stand above the traditional COD graduate.  The Work Experience Program allows businesses to identify, select & train potential employees long before their normal hiring activities are launched.  This leads to significant saving in their recruiting process.
~R. Holmes, President, Ames Real Estate, Inc.

My Participation in the Work Experience Program has been a remarkable learning experience.  The program has prepared me on how to apply for a career & how to set goals & objectives so I can maintain success in my career.
Prior to enrolling in the Work Experience Program I was uninformed on how to construct a professional resume.  With the support & superior expertise of the program coordinator I was able to develop a well written, structured resume.  After applying the techniques I acquired through the program, I was prepared to apply for a position as a student worker on my college campus.  I went into the interview process confident and assured I was going to land the job.  After a week of reviewing my application and resume, I was selected to begin the student worker program the following week.
The Work Experience program has also provided me with the skills to move forward in any career.  I was accepted as a intern for the World Affairs Council,  through the W/E program and while interning I attained computer knowledge in programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & QuickBooks.  Utilizing the previous mentioned software programs gave the confidence & skill to approach any other internship opportunity with skill & competence.
The Work Experience Program has definitely provided me with the tools I need in order to succeed in a competitive career market.  I will continue to rely on the information I learned from this program and I will remain grateful I was given the opportunity to partake in the memorable experience.
~A. Bonner, COD Work Experience Student, Intern

Work Experience helps the student to evaluate areas that require improvement & how to set goals & objectives to become better employees.  Work Experience opens an avenue of communication between the employee and the supervisor that otherwise may not be available.  Most of all for me, it allowed me an honest evaluation of my skills & abilities & encouraged me to continue to strive towards positive & achievable goals. 
~W. Worthington, COD Work Experience Student, Case Management

Work Experience changed my life.  It enhanced my college experience in a myriad of positive ways.  I gained valuable professional & personal skills.  Due to my work experience class, I have the skills needed to create and use a skillfully assembled resume.  I have acquired the needed skills to assist me in interviews, such as, accountability, organization, team work, and a high level of professional excellence.  It was an honor and an absolute privilege to enroll in the Work Experience Program at College of the Desert.  The guidance, tools, structure, & workshops provided me with the experience that I needed for the betterment of my future.  I mastered skills & healthy attitudes in this class that will last me a life time.  It is one of the few ways I was able to link education with real world experience.  Work Experience was vital to my success as a student and as a citizen.
~E. Albright, COD Work Experience Student

Work Experience benefits both the student and the employer:  The student earns college units, learns new skills (on-the-job training), gains experience for future employment opportunities, and the employer receives help with the workload.  Work Experience monitors student progress at the work-site throughout the semester thus helping students meet their goals.  Work Experience assists employers advertise internship opportunities at the college campus, making it easier for students & employers to connect.
~H. Vasquez, California Regional Water Quality Control Board

The Work Experience Program at College of the Desert is crucial to the success of my students.  Only students who have participated in internships have been able to obtain employment in the current labor market.  Education without recent experience is not enough to be employable today.
~D. O'Loghlin, M.S., CR, / Employment Specialist, College of the Desert DSPS