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High School Concurrent Enrollment

College of the Desert (COD) will consider students in high school only for concurrent enrollment as part-time Special Admit Students. Such admissions must be with the recommendation of the counselor and principal of the high school in which the student is enrolled. (CA Ed Code 48800-48002 & 76000-76002).

The Concurrent Enrollment Application is valid for only one term. The process must be repeated each term.

High School concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to participate in priority registration.

The Concurrent Enrollment Program is specifically designed to accelerate the academic or vocational career of high school students.

Admission is NOT allowed for:

  • Any class that can be taken at a local high school

  • PE classes

  • Beginning music performance or art activity courses

  • Recreation or hobbies

  • Remedial work (Any classes in any discipline that are not college level and cannot be applied to an associate degree or higher are disallowed).

Steps for Concurrent Enrollment

  1. A student must be enrolled in high school.

  2. Minimum 3.00 high school cumulative grade point average (GPA).

    1. If cumulative gpa is below 3.00, you must include a strong letter of recommendation from a counselor, principal, or teacher.

    2. Vocational classes (e.g. Auto) require permission of COD instructor instead of recommendation letter.

  3. Review the class schedule with your high school counselor and choose a course.

  4. Complete HS Concurrent Enrollment Application;

  5. Obtain high school counselor’s signature.

  6. Obtain your high school principal’s signature.

  7. Get your parent’s approval for attending a college class and have them sign the application.

  8. Go to Getting Started. Follow instructions to apply online.

  9. Take the COD Assessment test. You must adhere to any prerequisite requirements.

    1. The assessment test is not required for courses that do not have a prerequisite (e.g. Auto)

  10. Activate student email account.

  11. Submit the High School Concurrent Enrollment Application with:

    • Picture I.D.

    • All required signatures (student, parent, counselor, and principal)

    • Official high school transcripts in a sealed envelope

    • Copy of Assessment Test scores (if requesting a course with prerequisites)

    • Personal statement written by the student explaining why he/she wants to take the course and why permission to do so should be granted.

    • Letter of recommendation if cumulative GPA is less than 3.00

    • Copy of parent’s Home School Affidavit required for home schooled students

Theatre Arts Exception:

Students who have auditioned and been accepted for a performing role in a theatre arts or musical production need only submit the COD Application for Admission, the completed High School Concurrent Enrollment Application and written permission from the appropriate COD Instructional Dean and a faculty member.


The deadlines are set to allow students to complete the application process prior to open enrollment. COD classes fill quickly. Students are encouraged to start the process as soon as possible because of limited space available for assessment testing and availability of high school officials for signatures. Concurrent enrollment application will not be accepted after the deadline of 5:30 pm on: April 3 (Summer); June 5(Fall); December 6 (Spring)


College of the Desert accepts no responsibility for any extraordinary supervision of student less than 18 years of age. Your son/daughter will be exposed to a diverse population in educational programs designed for the adult learner which may involve sensitive topics that might be considered controversial or offensive to some. Your signature on the application acknowledges your receipt of this information and stipulates your permission for your child to enroll in a college level course and participate in all required activities that may include field trips off campus. Course work taken at College of the Desert by concurrently enrolled high school students will be placed on a COD transcript and become part of the student’s permanent record.