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Registration Information

 Summer and Fall 2018

registration is open for ALL students!

  • New Students: (Welcome to COD!) Please follow the steps on our Getting Started page

  • Current Students: Students enrolled in the current semester do not need to reapply to register for next semester.

  • Returning Students (Welcome back!):

    • Students who have missed only 1 Fall or Spring semester do not need to reapply to register for the next semester.

    • Students who have missed consecutive Fall and Spring semesters must reapply to register for the next semester.

Summer and Fall registration priorities will be based on units completed at College of the Desert by the end of the Winter 2018 Intersession.

 Summer and Fall Semester 2018

Registration Dates

ALL new students must complete SSSP requirements

prior to registering for classes.

​Level Who​ ​Date Time​​
​1A ​DSPS, Veterans, EOPS CARE, CALWORKS, Foster Youth
(unless 8A applies)**
​Mon, May 7
​9:00 am
1B​ TRiO-ACES, TRiO-DSPS, TRiO-Veterans (unless 8A applies) **​ Mon, May 7 
​12:00 pm
​2A 91-100 COD Units​ & Athletics (unless 8A applies) **​ ​Tues, May 8 ​9:00 am
​2B 81-90 COD Units​ & MESA (unless 8A applies) **​ Tues, May 8
​12:00 pm
​2C ​71-80 COD Units & ASCOD, Student Ambassadors, Intl
(unless 8A applies)**
​Tues, May 8
​3:00 pm
​​3A 61-70 COD Units​ Wed, May 9 9:00 am
​3B 51-60 COD Units Wed, May 9  3:00 pm​
3C EDGE, plEDGE, ESLN Certificate Earned (unless 8A applies)**
Thur, May 10
9:00 am​
​3D ​41-50 COD Units ​Mon, May 14 ​ 9:00 am
​4A ​31-40 COD Units Mon, May 14 ​3:00 pm​
​4B ​21-30 COD Units Tues, May 15
 9:00 am​
​4C 15-20 COD Units​ Tues, May 15
​3:00 pm
​5A 10-14 COD Units​ Wed, May 16
​9:00 am
5B 5-9 COD Units​ Wed, May 16
​12:00 pm
​5C 1-4 COD Units
Wed, May 16
​3:00 pm
​6A 0 COD Units earned; currently enrolled in 12 or more units​ ​Thur, May 17 ​9:00 am
​6B 0 COD Units earned; currently enrolled in 6-11 or more units​
Thur, May 17​ ​12:00 pm
​6C 0 COD earned; currently enrolled in 0-5 units​ ​Thur, May 17 3:00 pm
7A New Students to COD who have completed all SSSP*
requirements by Friday, May 4
Mon, May 21
​9:00 am
8A 101 or more units; 2 or more terms of Academic Probation**
 and/or 2 or more terms of Progress Probation​

Mon, May 21
3:00 pm
​8B ​Open Enrollment Tues, May 22 ​9:00 am


Get information on Academic Probation


* Student Success & Support (SSSP) requirements include
 participation and completion of the following:

  • Assessment Testing
  • My First Schedule Workshop
  • Orientation

Get more information on SSSP requirements


**This Applies to all special programs except Foster Youth.


Other Important Registration Items and Dates You should Know About along with Future Term Dates

Registration assistance is available

  • Counseling Office 760-773-2521

  • Career Center 760-862-1351

  • Student Life 760-862-1317

View Chancellor's Video explaining state mandated changes to priority registration.​​​​​​​​