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SkillsTutor Registration Form

SkillsTutor software is made available to all registered COD students under a licensing agreement paid for by College of the Desert. Access requires a User Name and Password, and these are up-dated each semester.
1. If you already know your User Name and Password and know how to use SkillsTutor, click the Log In button below:
2. If you are enrolled in English 50, Reading 50, ESL 50B, or Math 57 and your instructor has assigned you to work with Skills Tutor, but this is the first time you are using it, open and print the Web Guide below, return to this screen and click Log In above.
Guide for Skills Tutor
3. If you want to use SkillsTutor independently, or have been assigned work in the software by an instructor, fill out the following form. You will be added to the program database within two working days. (You will receive no notice, but will be able to log into the software.) Be sure to open and print the VASC Web Guide above, as it provides instructions for logging into the software.