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Counseling Dept.
Location: CSSC 214
Phone: (760) 568-7519
James Rose
Athletic Counselor
Office Hours
By appointment:

Monday: 8-6:00pm in Athletics
Tuesday: 8-6:00pm in Athletics
Wednesday: 8-6:00pm in Athl
Thursday: 8-12:00 pm in Athletics
Friday: 8-1pm in Counseling Office

​Athletic Counseling

Your path to success as a Roadrunner!
Why do I need to see a counselor for student athletes?

  • To assist student-athletes in the identification of educational, career and personal goals
  • To empower student-athletes to reach academic, career and personal success
  • To increase retention, graduation and transfer rate of student athletes
  • To encourage each student-athlete to develop independence, self-advocacy and to mature mentally emothionally, physically and athletically.
  • To provide CCCAA, NCAA & NAIA Resources
  • To create an environment within the intercollegiate athletic program that promotes academic achievement.
  • To maximize the academic potential of student-athletes by providing an atmosphere that enhances learning skills, career development, and personal development.
So, where do I begin?
  • Apply to College of the Desert and take the Assessment test
  • If you are new, check out your New Recruits playbook
  • If you are returning, you need an educational plan of file!
  • Make an appointment with the athletic counselor ASAP
  • Use the resources on this page!
Learn the rules of the game!


Practice the key plays of the game! (Transfer)
Career Resources!