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Men's Golf Playoff History

Southern California Regional Championships
Year​ Finish Medalists
​2007 ​3rd Place ​4th Place Ryan Sperry
2006​ ​6th Place
2005​ ​8th Place
2004​ ​1st Place ​2nd Place tie, Brian Mahoney and David Hawkins
2003​ ​2nd Place ​3rd Place, Brandon Petelski
2002​ ​1st Place ​3rd Place, Ryan Ressa
​6th Place, Nils Buering
2001​ ​ 3rd Place ​10th Place, Nate Williams
2000​ ​4th Place
1999​ ​4th Place ​6th Place, Paul D'Ambra
1998​ ​1st Place ​3rd Place, Manny Hays
  ​4th Place Pat Weeks
1997​ ​7th Place
1996​ ​6th Place
1995​ ​1st Place
1994​ ​2nd Place ​2nd Place, Brandon Slater
1993​ ​1st Place ​1st Place, Bryant Stover
​4th Place, Corey Spady
1992​ ​No Records
1991​ ​No Records
1990​ ​No Records

California State Championships
(Top four teams from regionals qualify as well as the top six individuals from teams that did not qualify.)
Year Finish Medalists
2007 2nd Place 1st Place, Dustin Andres
2006 DNQ  
2005 DNQ  
2004 1st Place 4th Place, Brian Mahoney
    5th Place, Brandon Petelski
2003 2nd Place 5th Place, Brian Mahoney
2002 2nd Place 1st Place, Ryan Ressa
2001 7th Place  
2000 6th Place  
1999 3rd Place 4th Place, Pat Weeks
1998 1st Place 1st Place, Manny Hays
    3rd Place, Pat Weeks
1997 DNQ  
1996 DNQ 3rd Place, Jamie Welder
1995 1st Place 2nd Place, Jamie Welder
    5th Place, Rob Colberg
1994 6th Place  
1993 2nd Place  
1992 2nd Place 1st Place, Jason Brokken
1991 4th Place 5th Place, Ola Standquist
1990 1st Place 1st Place, Pat Patterson