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Counseling- FAQ's 

Who is my counselor?
Students are not assigned a specific counselor. Students are able to meet with any counselor available.
What is an Assessment Test?
An Assessment Test is a placement test that evaluates your educational skills and is used to place students in classes that meet their scores.
Where do I go for assistance if I am disabled?
Contact the Disabled Students Programs and Services office (DSPS) at (760) 773-2534. (CSSC Building)
What kind of tutoring services are available?
A tutor is available for practically every subject you take. Please contact the Tutorial Center at (760) 776-7241.
What if I forget my login password?
Go to Web Advisor, click on "Students."
"What's my User ID?"
Enter your last name and either your Student Identification number or your Social Security number.
"What's my Password?"
"I might remember, show my password hint" - enter your User Name and click on "Submit".
"I don't remember, reset my password" - enter your User Name and click "Reset my Password"; a temporary password will be immediately e-mailed to the e-mail address you have on file with the College
"I'm new to Web Advisor, set up my password" - if you have never logged into Web Advisor, your password is your birthdate in 6 digits (mm/dd/yy); you will then be asked to create a new password - 6 to 9 digits with BOTH letters and numbers.
Where do I get a parking permit?
Permits are available in the Bursar's Office. (CSSC Bldg) Order your parking permit online.
Where can I get a copy of my schedule?
You can print your schedule through WebAdvisor. Otherwise, a copy can be printed at the front desk of the Counseling Center. (CSSC Bldg) www.collegeofthedesert.edu
What if I attended another college other than COD.?
Talk to a counselor about transferring applicable credits.
How do I add or drop a class?
Classes can be added or dropped through our website www.collegeofthedesert.edu, in Web Advisor.
What are the differences between a class schedule and a catalog?
A class schedule gives information on the classes being offered each semester, the time and date the class will begin, and where the class will meet. A catalog gives a general description of each course, along with COD policies and regulations.
When is a student considered a full-time student?
Students are considered full-time students when 12 or more units are being taken during a semester.
What is the maximum number of units I can take?
Generally, 19 units are considered to be the maximum, but more can be taken with the approval from the Director of Counseling.
How do I apply for graduation?
An Application to Graduate form must be filled out. Forms can be obtained at the Admissions and Records office, the Counseling Center (CSSC Bldg), or online. You must meet the deadline requirements.
What do I do when I am done with my general education and ready to transfer?
Paperwork must be filed with the school you are planning on attending and with COD. Workshops are available during each semester for students who are planning to transfer. Call the Transfer Center for further details at (760) 862-1351.