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COD Program Advising

The Transfer/Career Center is hosting a series of sessions for students to speak with COD faculty advisors.  The following advisors are available weekly starting the week of  April 4th, 2016 in the Transfer Center. 

¨ Accounting

¨ Julie Rescigno, Wednesdays 12pm — 2pm

¨ Administration of Justice

¨ Chris Madigan, Tuesdays 9am— 11am

¨ Advanced Transportation Technologies

¨ Douglas Redman, Tuesdays 11am—1pm

¨ Air Conditioning / HVACR

¨ George Brown, Mondays 2pm —4pm

¨ Architecture / Environmental Design

¨ Bert Bitanga, Wednesday 2pm—4pm

¨ Automotive Technology

¨ Keith Prouty, Thursdays 2pm – 4pm

¨ Basic Peace Officer Training

¨ Chris Madigan, Tuesdays 9am—11am

¨ Construction Management

¨ Bert Bitanga, Wednesdays 2pm—4pm

¨ Early Childhood Education

¨ Donna Greene, Wednesdays 9am—11am

¨ Economics

¨ Jacob Kevari, Wednesdays 1pm—3pm

¨ Elementary Teacher Education

¨ Donna Greene, Wednesdays 9am – 11am

¨ Emergency Medical Services

¨ Scott Ventura, Wednesdays 9am—11am

¨ Energy Systems Technology

​¨ George Brown, Mondays 2pm —4pm 

¨ Environmental Horticulture

¨ Jeff Place, Mondays 9am—11am

¨ Fire Academy

¨ Scott Ventura, Wednesdays 9am—11am

¨ Fire Technology

¨ Scott Ventura, Wednesdays 9am—11am

¨ General Agriculture

¨ Jeff Place, Mondays 9am—11am

¨ General Business

¨ David George, Ed.D., Thursdays 11am—1pm

¨ Hospitality Management

¨ David George, Ed.D., Thursdays 11am—1pm

¨ Kinesiology

¨ Courtney Doussett, Mondays 12pm—2pm

¨ Plant Science

¨ Jeff Place, Mondays 9am—11am

¨ Police Science

¨ Chris Madigan, Tuesdays 9am—11am

¨ Recreation

¨ Courtney Doussett, Mondays 12pm—2pm

¨ Turfgrass Management

¨ Jeff Place, Mondays 9am—11am

¨ Work Experience

¨ Michelle Richards, Tuesdays 2pm—4pm




The COD Career Center provides one-on-one career counseling, career assessments and workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters to help students learn more about themselves.
Other Resources to Consider:
a.  Sit in on some classes that are of interest to see if you enjoy the subject
b.  Talk to professors in the department to learn more about the major
c.  Take a career assessment to learn more about your interests and personality 
d.  Watch the two videos on Career Cafe to see how identifying your interests can help you determine      a career that you will be satisfying and lead to to a successful future career. 


Use these websites to help you explore different careers:

California Career Cafe
(Site ID:  KVJWW5X)
What Can I Do With This Major? 

Occupational Information Network
(Occupation Descriptions)

Occupational Outlook Handbook
U.S. Dept. of Labor