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Attentio​​n DSPS Students! Please see below for important announcements.

Construction on Campus

The construction team for the Southeast Annex project will make two sequential closures to the walkways on the East side of the Gymnasium. The first closure, “Phase 1,”  will include the lower walkway, and will leave an accessible route from the parking lot up to the covered sidewalk right next to the Gym. The second closure, “Phase 2,” will reverse the work area, taking the space immediately next to the gym, but returning the lower sidewalk to college use.  Access to the Athletics office in the NE corner of the gym will remain available through the gym lobby, but the exterior door will be barricaded for safety. The locker rooms will remain fully accessible. If you have mobility challenges or visual impairments, DSPS is happy to show the closures to you so the safest and easiest way of navigating these areas can be identified for you.

Spring 2019 - Registering for Classes

Welcome to Spring Semester! ​

NEW! You can now view videos on on “How to Register for Classes” and “Add Permit Code Instructions.”​

DSPS Status

If you have not been in to the DSPS office yet this semester, please check with us by phone, email, or in person to make sure your DSPS file is active.  

Remember that you must meet with a DSPS Counselor at least once per year in order to keep your DSPS file active. If you do not meet with a DSPS Counselor for two consecutive semesters, then you risk losing your priority registration and other DSPS services. Our DSPS Counselors are academic counselors too, so they can meet all of your needs.

You also must maintain a 2.0 GPA, successfully complete 50% of your classes and have a Comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP) on file to maintain your priority registration.  ​

Services in In​​dio and Mecca

A DSPS Counselor is available in Indio and Mecca every Wednesday. At Indio, you can just drop in or you can schedule an appointment. Mecca is by appointment ONLY. To schedule appointments, call (760) 773-2534. Testing Accommodations are available at both Indio and Mecca. For testing information or questions, call Ana at (760) 773-2525.


Dozens of DSPS students lost their registration priority only because they missed very important emails from DSPS and Counseling. ​It is strongly recommended that ALL students forward their COD email to their personal email in order to stay updated on important college announcements and information. Please see instructions on How to Forward your College of the Desert Email to your Personal Email. ​​​​​