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Disbursement Information By Program

PELL Grant award amounts are divided in half and will be disbursed with one part being issued at the beginning of the semester and the second half near the halfway point of the semester. If a student adds or drops classes after receiving their first Pell Grant disbursement, the second payment (11/12/14 for the Fall 2014 semester) will be adjusted accordingly.

For instance, a student receiving the maximum Pell Grant award who was enrolled in 6 units on 9/2/14, but who added an additional 6 units after school started, would be paid a half-time Pell Grant of $717 on 9/18/14 and the other $716 on 11/12/14, in addition to the 2nd Pell Grant disbursement of $1,432 (assuming the student is still enrolled full-time on 11/12/14).

Additionally, no enrollment recalculations for Pell Grant eligibility will take place after the 2nd Pell Grant disbursement date for the Fall, Spring or Summer terms.  This includes students adding late starting or modular classes.  Students will need to register for any late starting or modular classes before the 2nd Pell Grant disbursement date in order to be paid for these classes.

Please note that students CANNOT be paid Pell Grant at (2) or more different schools for the same or overlapping periods of enrollment.  If you are taking classes at another school and have applied for financial aid at that school(s), your Pell Grant may be cancelled and you'll be left owing the balance. If you wish to be paid at COD, contact your other schools IMMEDIATELY to avoid repayments and holds. 
A credit will be authorized for all CA resident students awarded a Pell Grant AND enrolled at least half-time (6 units) to purchase books thru the COD Bookstore beginning 8/11/14. For students whose files have been completed, the following information can be used to determine how much bookstore credit will be received:

FAFSA EFC Range          Bookstore Authorization Amount

0 to 3,700                       $500.00
3,701 to 4,600                 $300.00
The credit authorizations will be available until 9/12/14. Bookstore charges will be posted to your student account which will be paid by the first disbursement of your Fall 2014 Pell Grant. Students not wishing to use the bookstore authorization will receive the first disbursement of their Pell Grant funds on or after 9/18/14. For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office.
Cal Grant B and C funds, like federal aid, are disbursed to each student’s account covering tuition and fees.  Credit balance refunds are then issued to each student by Higher One electronically to the designated checking or savings accounts or by paper check.  Cal Grant B and C students may ‘opt-out’ of this process by completing an ‘authorization’ form available in the Financial Aid Office so that no educational expenses are deducted from their disbursement.  Students choosing to ‘opt-out’ will be required to pay their institutional charges owed to the College in-full before being able to register for a subsequent term or obtaining academic transcripts.
SEOG disbursements are processed in one payment per semester. These payments are usually issued with the Pell Grant disbursements and are processed beginning with the 2nd half Pell Grant disbursement listed below (11/12/14 for the Fall 2014 semester).
COD Scholarship disbursements will not be issued to students until after the semester has started. For more information please click on the Scholarship Information link above for specific dates, locations and requirements.