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Disbursement Schedule

Following are the scheduled disbursement dates for the Spring 2015 term.  Please note that direct deposited funds may not show in your checking or savings account before noon.  Be sure to check your account throughout the day.

Deposits to Higher One checking accounts generally show before noon on the scheduled disbursement date.  For non-Higher One checking or savings accounts it can be up to 2-3 business days depending upon your bank.  Paper checks won't be mailed until the scheduled dates below.

Please note there may be disbursement delays if a student is on 'Warning' or 'Probation' for Financial Aid.


Please click the link below for the full disbursement schedules.


COD 2015-2016 disbursement schedule.pdfCOD 2015-2016 disbursement schedule.pdf


Summer 2015 Disbursement Schedule

​Disbursements for Term ​Summer 2015
​First Disbursement for Term ​6/15/15
​Second Disbursement for Term ​7/14/15






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