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Financial Aid Deadlines

Listed below are deadlines for the various financial aid documents and programs.  It is highly recommended that students submit the required information needed to complete their files at least 30 days prior to the deadlines noted below to ensure sufficient processing time.  A student waiting to complete their file until they are at or near the deadline may result in their being unable to receive financial aid.   

​BOG Fee Waiver Deadline – Students must apply by 6/15/15 for the 2014-2015 school year.  

Pell Grant Deadline – 120 days after the last day of enrollment or September 29, 2014 (for the 13-14 school year) whichever is earlier.  Students must have submitted all documents to complete their file, including a corrected FAFSA application, before their Pell Grants can be paid.  

Appeals Deadline (Income Reduction and SAP) – Students must submit documentation to the Financial Aid Office 2-weeks prior to the end of the term for which they are applying.

FAFSA Application Deadline for the 14-15 School Year (Fall 2014, Spring 2014 and Summer 2015) – June 30, 2015.