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Learn Engl​ish in Beautiful Southern California!

New Global Access Program scholarship for IEA Summer and Fall 2020 online! 
The Intensive English Academy (IEA) is a high-quality intensive English program focused on English skills needed for entering an American university or college. The program stresses academic English preparation as well as conversational skills.
The IEA is also ideal for students who want a unique American cultural experience.  Our resort location makes it a great place for students to learn English, enjoy outdoor activities, and make new friends!
Learn more about the IEA by viewing our online brochure:  Intensive English Academy Brochure

IEA Program O​ptions:

Given the current health and safety restrictions related to COVID-19, IEA classes are now online. The Global Access Program offers $400 scholarships for all full time, online 2020 summer and fall IEA students. ​Student Support Services are working remotely to ensure students have the necessary resources to continue on their educational path.

Whether you want to learn English to prepare for university study or to practice your language skills in an exciting environment, the IEA has a program for you!  We offer Standard Programs that are 8 and 16 weeks in length, as well as a Summer Accelerated Program.
The IEA offers courses from Beginning to Advanced levels.  (Applicants should be able to read and write the English alphabet and to speak and respond to simple questions in English)

IEA Standard P​rograms:

IEA Standard Programs offer 30 hours per week of learning including 25 hours per week of classroom instruction and 5 hours per week in College of the Desert's Foreign Language Lab.  Standard programs are offered in August, October, January and April. Students in the Standard program must complete 16 weeks of study to advance to the next level.

Classes Includ​e:

Class Name​ Hours Per Week​
Grammar​ 5 hours​
Writing​ 5 hours​
Reading​ 5 hours​
Oral Communication​ 5 hours​
Conversation/Vocabulary Building​ 5 hours​


IEA 8 Week Summ​er Accelerated Program:

The IEA's 8-Week Summer Accelerated Program offers 32 hours per week of learning including 27 hours per week of classroom instruction, a minimum of two hours in our Foreign Language Lab, and educational field trips.  This program is offered in June and July.  Students completing this program will advance to the next level after 8 weeks.

Classes​ Include:

​Class Name Hours Per Week​
Grammar​ 7.5 hours​
Reading​ 6 hours​
Oral Communication​ 6 hours​
Writing​ 7.5 hours​

Certificates of C​ompletion:

All students receive official grade reports at the end of each session.  Grade reports indicate letter grades and are used to determine if the student is able to advance to the next level.
Upon completion of our Advanced Level (Level 3), students will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating their achievement.
In addition, students who complete our Advanced Level are eligible to enter College of the Desert without the TOEFL or IELTS!

IEA Progr​am Dates:

8-week and 16-week programs available!
Select from any of our IEA program start dates.  You can choose to study for as short as 8 weeks or up to 1 year from any of the dates listed below.
​​Program Start Date​               Program Type​             Application Deadline
​October 17, 2019 ​​             Standard Program                September 17, 2019
January 23, 2020              Standard Program                 December 23, 2019
March 19, 2020
             Standard Program                   February 19, 2020
June 18, 2020 ​             Summer Accelerated - Online   Rolling enrollment
August 27, 2020              Standard Program - Online       Rolling enrollment
October 15, 2020              Standard Program - Online       Rolling enrollment
January 28, 2021 
             Standard Progr​am                 December 28, 2020
 IEA Program ​Tuition Costs:

​Program USD Tuition Cost​
8 Week Standard Program Tuition:​ $2,100​
16 Week Standard Program Tuition:​ $3,850​
8 Week Summer Accelerated Program Tuition:​ $2,600​

For summer and fall 2020, enroll in the the Global Access Program!​ ​

IEA Program Tuiti​on Includes:

  • 25 hours per week of class instruction (Standard Program)
  • 27 hours per week of classroom instruction (8-Week Summer Accelerated Program)
  • 5 hours per week of use of computer language lab facilities
  • Access to College of the Desert facilities
  • Various activities 
Save money! Registering for a 16 week session will save you $250 over the cost of registering for two 8 week sessions!
Compare our prices!  You will find that the IEA is often less expensive than other programs offering the same amount of instruction.  In addition, we include many activities in our tuition price.
Additionally, our local cost of living is less expensive than other California destinations.

How To Apply ​to the IEA:

The international student application to the Intensive English Academy (IEA) is easy and the response time is fast!  Just click on the "Apply Now​" link at the top of the blue navigation bar to the left of the screen!