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Blackboard is a robust learning management system but it can be a bit overwhelming once you begin working in. One of the best ways to get help with a Blackboard issue is to just search the web for help--many other colleges and universities provide open resources for anyone to use for help--or begin by reviewing Blackboard's own YouTube channel. Additional Blackboard tutorials​ are also available here.

If you have a technical issue with your course that you cannot solve through your own efforts, please contact Blackboard's 24/7 support first at 1-866-321-7159.

If Blackboard support cannot help you within 24 hours, please contact the Distance Education Coordinator at kdozier@collegeofthedesert.edu or 760/776-7208. Weekend and evening support is limited.

If you have problems accessing the MyCod login in page, please contact 760/773-2516. This is a separate system and is not handled by the DE Coordinator.

Many other colleges and universities have robust self-help resources that are open to anyone as a reference. If you need help with a specific aspect of Blackboard, please check out the following: