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​Crime Log 2017


 Crime Log for 01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017

Report NumberPD20180719-1
IncidentDamage to District Property
Occurred Date7/19/2018
LocationChild Development Center
Report NumberPD20180719-2
IncidentMotor Vehicle Accident (Golf Carts)
Occurred Date7/19/2018
LocationNorth west corner of Business
SummaryOn Thursday July 19, 2018 at approximately 1530 hours, a Maintenance and Operation employee along with a Public Safety Officer collided with each other while driving golf carts.    
Report NumberPD20180719-3
IncidentMedical Call at B03
Occurred Date7/19/2018
LocationBusiness 03
SummaryFemale student was having a seizure.
Report NumberPD20180719-4
IncidentMedical Call
Occurred Date7/19/2018
LocationBarker Nursing Center
SummaryMale individual, not a student suffered a heat stroke.
Report NumberEVC20180716-1
IncidentMedical: Slip and Fall
Occurred Date7/16/2018
LocationSecond floor near stairs.
SummaryHispanic female student slipped and fell. Possible left foot fracture. Califre dispatched and transported to JFK.
Report NumberPD20180712-1
IncidentMedical Call
Occurred Date7/12/2018
LocationKinesiology 101
SummaryStudent fainted inside Kinesiology weight room
DispositionCal Fire medical transport to JFK hospital
Report NumberPS20180710-1
Occurred Date7/10/2018
LocationBuilding PS-1 (Administration)
SummaryEmployee hit his head on the cabinet.
Report NumberPD20180710-1
IncidentMinor locked inside of car
Occurred Date7/10/2018
LocationParking lot 23
SummaryChild locked inside of car with keys inside
Report NumberPD20180630-1
IncidentPerson arrested for a  trespassing vioalation
Occurred Date6/30/2018
LocationSouth side of the Math building.
SummarySubject was arrested by RSO for a prior trespassing violation.
Report NumberPD20180712-2
IncidentStaff Member Trip & Fall
Occurred Date6/26/2018
SummaryStaff Member Tripped over Mouse cord
Report NumberPD20180625-3
IncidentVehicle broken into at lot #22
Occurred Date6/25/2018
LocationLot #22
Summary A Instructor flaged me down at lot #22 to report his vehicle was broken into.
Report NumberPS20180620-1
IncidentMedical Call
Occurred Date6/20/2018
LocationHandicap ramp in front of biuilding PS-1 (Administration).
SummaryFemale staff slipped on the handicap ramp.
Report NumberPD20180619-1
Occurred Date6/19/2018
LocationLot 6
SummaryCOD student and non-student boyfriend were involved in physical altercation in lot 6
Dispositionclosed. RSO took over investigation
Report NumberMTC20180618-1
IncidentPC 594 Vandalism
Occurred Date6/18/2018
LocationSouth main entrance COD sign 
SummaryGraffiti on COD entrance sign
Report NumberEVC20180618-1
IncidentMedical: Scorpion sting
Occurred Date6/18/2018
LocationOccurred inside student's vehicle on north-east lot of campus.
SummaryFemale ESLN student reported of a scorpion sting on her left ring finger. Emergency medical aide was denied. Student washed hand and an ice pack was given.
Report NumberPD20180616-1
IncidentP.C. 602 Trespassing
Occurred Date6/15/2018
LocationWest side of Lot 28
SummarySubject was previously served on a 602 form, and was caught back on campus.
Report NumberPD20180602-1
IncidentMedical Call
Occurred Date6/2/2018
LocationGolf Range
SummaryMedical call at the goal range.
DispositionCase closed
Report NumberPD20180602-2
IncidentTrespassing & PC 71- Threat of Injury Made to Officer in Performance of His Duties
Occurred Date6/2/2018
LocationMSTC Faculty Offices #246
SummaryThree subjects inside Faculty hallway (Trespassing)
DispositionCase closed
Report NumberPD20180525-1
IncidentThreatening/Harassment Calls
Occurred Date5/25/2018
SummaryFemale instructor reported receiving threatening/harassment calls/voicemail messages on her direct phone line at the Palm Desert campus.
Report NumberEVC20180524-1
IncidentTrafiic Collision: Non-injury
Occurred Date5/24/2018
LocationEVC lot
SummaryFemale student collided with a parked truck, while trying to park in a parking space. R.O of truck located and both exchanged information.
Report NumberPD20180519-2
Occurred Date5/18/2018
LocationCOMM 106
SummaryMedical call at COMM 106
Report NumberPD20180517-1
IncidentDomestic dispute, Assault
Occurred Date5/17/2018
LocationParking Lot #28
SummaryNon-student ex-girl friend yelled, pushed, threatened COD enrolled ex-boy friend
Report NumberPD20180530-2
IncidentIndecent Exposure
Occurred Date5/16/2018
SummaryMale exposed himself to male
Report NumberPD20180515-1
IncidentNon-student Trespass, P.C. 602
Occurred Date5/15/2018
LocationClassroom Business 4
SummaryCustodian found non-student in unoccupied classroom & called for assistance
DispositionCase Closed
Report NumberPS20180515-1
IncidentMedical Slip and Fall
Occurred Date5/15/2018
LocationCampus entry steps.
SummaryStudent tripped and fell to the ground.
DispositionCase closed, nothing further.
Report NumberPD20180516-1
IncidentFire inside the Early Childhood Education Building.
Occurred Date5/15/2018
LocationEarly Childhood Education Building
SummaryFire inside the Early Childhood Education Building.
Dispositionon going investigation
Report NumberPD20180512-1
IncidentFound unlicensed motorized scooter at lot #23
Occurred Date5/12/2018
LocationLot 23
SummaryFound unlicensed motorized scooter at lot #23 called RSO to investigate.
DispositionCase Closed
Report NumberPD20180512-2
Occurred Date5/12/2018
LocationBusiness building room 8
SummaryBusiness building room 8 was vandalized. Along with lost keyboard and mouse.
DispositionCase Pending
Report NumberEVC20180510-1
IncidentBroken Window in Classroom
Occurred Date5/10/2018
LocationRoom 204
SummaryInstructor notified PSD about shattered window in classroom 204
DispositionCase closed
Report NumberPD20180510-2
Incidentaka Adan was trespassing on campus and entered room without permission.
Occurred Date5/9/2018
LocationNursing service room#3
Summaryaka Adan was trespassing on campus and entered room without permission.
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