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​Crime Log 2017


 Crime Log for 01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017

Report NumberPD20180113-1
IncidentPetty Theft
Occurred Date1/13/2018
LocationGolf Center
SummaryCounterfeit coin used in an attempt to use golf balls
DispositionCoins sized; no suspect identified at this time
Report NumberEVC20171219-1
IncidentGrand Theft
Occurred Date12/18/2017
SummaryPublic Safety Department Golf Cart PS-7 was stolen from campus grounds.
DispositionCase Closed. Report taken
Report NumberEVC20171213-1
Occurred Date12/13/2017
LocationAdministration office
SummaryFemale student with food reaction .
DispositionClosed. Cal-fire transport to JFK; Incident #: 171730.
Report NumberEVC20171205-1
IncidentTraffic Collision: No injuries.
Occurred Date12/5/2017
LocationMain parking lot (North end near portables).
SummaryTwo female students involved in traffic collision with no injuries. Information was exchanged between both students.
DispositionClosed. Report taken
Report NumberPD20171201-1
IncidentVehicle backed into tree
Occurred Date11/29/2017
LocationLot #23
SummaryVehicle backed into tree
Report NumberPD20171128-4
Occurred Date11/28/2017
SummaryStudent complained of stomach pain. Nursing call paramedics and transported the student.
Report NumberPD20171201-2
IncidentStolen Wallet
Occurred Date11/28/2017
LocationMain Floor GYM
SummaryStolen Wallet
DispositionReport Taken
Report NumberMTC20171213-1
Occurred Date11/22/2017
LocationNorth Storage
SummaryTheft of North Storage
DispositionCase Closed, Report Taken
Report NumberPD20171120-1
Occurred Date11/20/2017
LocationFemale restrooms, MSTC, second floor.
SummaryFemale student was in distress throwing up.
DispositionFemale student was transported to the nurse's office for evaluation.
Report NumberEVC20171114-1
IncidentTraffic Collision:No injuiries.
Occurred Date11/14/2017
LocationParking lot: North end of main parking lot.
SummaryTwo vehicles involved in traffic collision. Vehicle backed into another. No injuiries.
DispositionInformatiion was exchanged between both parties. Report taken.
Report NumberPD20171114-1
IncidentBicycle Theft
Occurred Date11/14/2017
LocationEast End bike rack at South Annex
SummarySee report attached.
Report NumberPD20171113-1
Occurred Date11/13/2017
LocationTheater Too
SummaryFemale student fell on the stairs while she was standing.
DispositionFemale student was taken to the nurses office for evaluation.
Report NumberPD20171111-1
IncidentDisturbing the Peace/Assault/Battery
Occurred Date11/10/2017
LocationBoone Football Field
SummaryTwo (2) players were involved in a fight during a soccer match.
Report NumberPD20171116-1
IncidentStolen bicycle
Occurred Date11/8/2017
SummaryStolen bicycle
Report NumberPD20171030-1
IncidentDefraud Innkeeper/Lewd Sexual Acts
Occurred Date10/30/2017
LocationBeeps Cafe
SummaryNon-student male refused to pay for food; also committed lewd sexual acts in Cafe..
Report NumberPD20171029-2
IncidentProperty Damage
Occurred Date10/29/2017
LocationBNC Building window
SummaryFound window to BNC building shattered.
Report NumberEVC20171026-1
Occurred Date10/26/2017
LocationOutside class room 112 portable.
SummaryStudent requested paramedics due to difficulty of breathing. Student was transported.
DispositionCal-Fire transported student. Cal-Fire #132302.
Report NumberPD20171024-1
IncidentFemale student with suicidal thoughts
Occurred Date10/23/2017
LocationDSPS: Office 104
SummaryFemale student experiencing suicidal thoughts and depression.
DispositionRSO took over incident. Case #: T17296100
Report NumberPD20171024-2
IncidentMedical Aide
Occurred Date10/23/2017
LocationTheater Too Rehearsal Room
SummaryReceived call reference Medical Aid.
DispositionCase closed.  No further insvestigation.
Report NumberEVC20171020-2
IncidentAttempt 459V
Occurred Date10/20/2017
LocationEVC Parking lot
SummaryStudent reported dents on vehicle door.
DispositionCase Closed- No suspect info
Report NumberEVC20171019-1
Occurred Date10/19/2017
LocationRoom 102
SummaryFemale student suffered numbess on left side of face (Drooped left side).
DispositionTransported by Calfire to JFK; Calfire Incident #: CARRU2017128953
Report NumberEVC20171019-2
Occurred Date10/19/2017
LocationAtrium Lobby
SummaryStudent felt numbness on the left side of her face. 
DispositionEMS transported student to JFK hospital.
Report NumberPD20171025-1
Incidentmedical Aid
Occurred Date10/18/2017
LocationPSA Grounds
SummaryStudent fell while jumping wall
DispositionCase Closed.  AMA signed,
Report NumberPD20171027-3
Occurred Date10/17/2017
LocationInside Men's  Locker-room ( Gym )
SummaryIPhone, IPad, and ATM card stolen from the Gym
Report NumberPD20171016-1
Occurred Date10/16/2017
LocationTheater Too
SummaryStudent injured her leg. Student refuse medical attention.
Report NumberPD20171017-1
Occurred Date10/16/2017
LocationGymnasium South end
SummaryBike was stolen near Gymnasium.
Report NumberPD20171027-2
Occurred Date10/12/2017
LocationSouth Annex
SummaryBike was stolen from South Annex
Report NumberEVC20171027-2
IncidentPlay fighting and role playing.
Occurred Date10/11/2017
LocationGame Room
SummaryStudents aggressively play fighting making bystanders uncomfortable
DispositionCase pending counseling
Report NumberPD20171029-1
IncidentGrand Theft
Occurred Date10/10/2017
SummaryGrand Theft (Stolen Cart)
Report NumberPD20171008-1
IncidentBroken fire extinguisher glass door
Occurred Date10/8/2017
LocationMSTC Breezeway
SummaryBroken fire extinguisher glass door
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