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​Crime Log 2017


 Crime Log for 01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017

Report NumberPS20180423-1
Occurred Date4/23/2018
LocationEastside of wall, located on the east parking lot. 
SummaryGrafitti on eastside of wall, located near the east parking lot.
Report NumberPD20180423-1
IncidentOpen liquor container on campus
Occurred Date4/23/2018
LocationBeeps Cafe dining area
SummaryStudent had open container of whiskey on dining table-- had not been drinking
Report NumberPS20180419-1
IncidentPetty Theft
Occurred Date4/19/2018
LocationPS-10 Computer Lab
SummaryElmo MX-1 Visual Presenter, reported missing from PS-10
Report NumberEVC20180420-1
IncidentPetty Theft
Occurred Date4/19/2018
LocationNorth Dirt Lot
SummaryFemale reprted missing 2 (two) of her vehicles rear hub caps.
Report NumberEVC20180420-2
IncidentSlip and Fall
Occurred Date4/19/2018
LocationMain lobby second floor stairs.
SummaryFemale reported she tripped on stairs and injuried her right pinky-toe. Incident occured day before it was reported.
Report NumberPD20180419-1
IncidentTheft at Library
Occurred Date4/18/2018
SummaryAn Individual entered Library through window and took some items out of one of the offices.
Report NumberEVC20180417-2
IncidentP.C 594: Vandalism
Occurred Date4/17/2018
LocationSkateboard lock rack and sprinkler timer box.
SummaryNotified of graffiti by Custodian. Photos were taken of both areas where graffiti located. Custodian removed once photos taken and documented.
Report NumberEVC20180416-1
IncidentP.C 488: Petty Theft
Occurred Date4/16/2018
LocationNorth/East end of Breezeway
SummaryRecycle bin liner stolen from bin.
Report NumberPD20180416-2
Occurred Date4/16/2018
LocationBusiness 06
SummaryMedical call at B06
Report NumberPD20180416-3
IncidentStudent injured
Occurred Date4/16/2018
LocationPublic Safety Academy
SummaryStudent injured himself while jumping over wall.
Report NumberPD20180418-1
Occurred Date4/16/2018
LocationP.S.A. 19A
SummaryStomach Pain
Report NumberPD20180415-1
Occurred Date4/15/2018
LocationPublic Safety Acadenmy MensRestrooms
SummaryGraffitti in stall
Report NumberPD20180417-3
IncidentStolen Golf Carts
Occurred Date4/14/2018
LocationCollege of the Desert Palm Desert Maintenance and Operations
SummaryStolen Golf Carts
Report NumberPD20180412-1
IncidentDisruptive Behavior
Occurred Date4/12/2018
LocationDiesel Mechanics
SummaryDisruptive Behavior by a student
Report NumberEVC20180412-1
IncidentP.C 314: Indecent Exposure
Occurred Date4/12/2018
LocationParking lot North of portable buildings. Non district lot.
SummaryFemale student reported a hispanic male adult exposed himself and masturbated inside his vehicle, while asking female student a question. Suspect left lot in a white Toyota Camry. Described as: thin built, gray shirt, and blue pants.
DispositionReport taken. No suspect name or vehicle license plate number.
Report NumberPD20180412-2
IncidentCracked Windshield
Occurred Date4/11/2018
LocationLot 15
SummaryCracked Windshield of studends vehicle
DispositionCase closed
Report NumberPD20180410-1
IncidentHeat Exhaustion
Occurred Date4/10/2018
LocationLot 1
SummaryFemale Student Heat Exhaustion
Report NumberPD20180413-1
IncidentDisruptive Behavior
Occurred Date4/10/2018
LocationKINE 104
SummaryDisruptive Behavior by unknown male.
Report NumberEVC20180409-1
IncidentP.C 459 Auto
Occurred Date4/9/2018
LocationNorth dirt lot north of Civic Center dr.
SummaryFemale student informed her vehicle was broken into. Dash stereo stolen and vandalized.
DispositionIndio Police contacted by victim. IPD Report #: 1804I-1388. Closed. No further information on suspect (s) or witnesses.
Report NumberPS20180409-1
IncidentSlip and Fall
Occurred Date4/9/2018
LocationCampus entry steps.
SummaryStudent slip and fall on entry steps.
DispositionCased closed, no pending investigation.
Report NumberPD20180409-3
IncidentDisrupting Behavior
Occurred Date4/9/2018
SummaryDisrupting Behaviour  by Non Student
Dispositioncase closed.
Report NumberPD20180405-4
IncidentVandalism / Graffiti
Occurred Date4/5/2018
LocationMen's bathroom inside the library
SummaryGraffiti inside men's bathroom at the library
Report NumberPD20180409-2
IncidentDomestic Dispute
Occurred Date4/5/2018
LocationBeeps Cafe in Dining Hall
SummaryDomestic dispute between boyfriend/girlfriend in Dining Hall
DispositionReferred to Student Life for displinary action.
Report NumberMTC20180404-1
IncidentDebris in eye
Occurred Date4/4/2018
LocationRoad Entrance Center Divider
SummaryOn Wednesday April 4, 2018, at approximately 0925 hours, I was approached by maintenance worker in reference to debris in his eye.    
DispositionReport taken/ AMA signed
Report NumberPD20180405-3
IncidentAggravated Student
Occurred Date4/4/2018
LocationDM 24
SummaryStudents Verbal Altercation
DispositionIn Progress
Report NumberPD20180405-5
IncidentStudent Argument
Occurred Date4/4/2018
LocationDM Room 24
SummaryStudents Verbal Altercation 
Report NumberEVC20180403-1
Incident626.6 P.C.- Intefering with the peaceful conduct of the activities of the campus
Occurred Date4/3/2018
LocationIndio Parking lot
SummaryWMA Transient disturbing students on campus grounds.
DispositionReport taken. Warning given. No further investigation.
Report NumberPD20180404-2
IncidentPossible Hate Crime
Occurred Date4/3/2018
LocationART 100
SummaryUnknown Subject taped up signs on Art 100 classroom with possible anti-semetic phrase
DispositionCase Pending
Report NumberPD20180405-1
IncidentStudent Disruptive Behaviour
Occurred Date4/3/2018
LocationCOMM 106
SummaryStudent Disruptive Behaviour at Comm 106.
Report NumberPD20180402-1
IncidentTheft of a cell phone
Occurred Date4/2/2018
LocationCravens Student Services Center
SummaryStudent came back with phone. No crime occurred..
DispositionNo report taken.
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