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​Crime Log 2017


 Crime Log for 01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017

Report NumberEVC20190116-1
IncidentSlip and Fall
Occurred Date1/16/2019
LocationLanding between 1st and 2nd floor interior stairwell
SummaryStudent missed last step and fell from stairs onto landing.
Dispositionclosed, declined transport, report and photos taken
Report NumberEVC20190114-1
IncidentMedical: Anxiety Attack
Occurred Date1/14/2019
LocationAdmin. Office
SummaryMale student suffered anxiety attack. Calfire called. Student refused to be transported. Vitals were good per Calfire.
Report NumberPD20190114-1
IncidentVerbal Assalt no Injuries
Occurred Date1/14/2019
LocationChild Development Training Center
SummaryMother verbally assalted by husbands previous wife, no injuries. RSO Responded report # T190140099
DispositionClosed  See Attachment
Report NumberPD20190114-2
Incident602 PC- Trespassing detainment/arrest
Occurred Date1/14/2019
LocationEast of Lot 2
SummaryMale subject who was previously served with a No Trespass form was spotted on campus and detained. RSD responded to take subject to jail.
DispositionCase closed with detainment/arrest report
Report NumberPD20190113-1
IncidentIntimidating Staff personnel.
Occurred Date1/11/2019
LocationGolf Center
SummaryStaff personnel at Golf Center  feels threatened by Student player
DispositionClosed see attachment
Report NumberPD20190103-3
IncidentPC 626.6- Interfering with campus activities
Occurred Date1/3/2019
LocationDining Hall Bldg, Student life
SummaryStudent Life staff reported disruptive and suspicious person
Dispositionclosed, person Trespassed
Report NumberPD20181223-1
Occurred Date12/23/2018
LocationLot 28
SummaryGrafitti on Day Pass Kiosk in lot 28
Report NumberPD20181220-2
IncidentBike Theft
Occurred Date12/20/2018
LocationCravens Bike Rack
SummaryUnknown male or female with large grey backpack took bike at 1525
DispositionOpen: no suspect info
Report NumberMTC20181213-1
IncidentStaff Illness
Occurred Date12/12/2018
LocationExterior of campus
SummaryCustodian staff complained of headache and light headed.
DispositionClosed. Refused medical attention
Report NumberPS20181211-1
Occurred Date12/11/2018
LocationEast parking lot.
SummaryGrafitti on the asphalt right below the "exit only" letters.
Report NumberPD20181210-1
IncidentStolen Bike
Occurred Date12/8/2018
LocationGolf Center
SummaryBike Stolen from golf center over the weekend
Report NumberPD20181207-1
IncidentTheft PSA 19A
Occurred Date12/7/2018
LocationPSA 19
Summarystudent left purse inside psa 19. money was taken from  students purse
DispositionClosed. No suspect Info and RSO was called to file a report.
Report NumberEVC20181211-1
IncidentBicycle Theft
Occurred Date12/7/2018
LocationBike rack North of Building.
SummaryStudent's bicycle was stolen.
DispositionCase closed. No Suspect info, No further Investigation.
Report NumberPD20181206-2
Occurred Date12/6/2018
LocationLot 19
SummaryVehicles Suspected of driving dangerously
DispositionIn Progress
Report NumberEVC20181205-1
IncidentSlip and Fall: non-injury.
Occurred Date12/5/2018
LocationSecond floor near room 201
SummaryCustodian slipped and fell on right side of body. No medical attention needed.
Report NumberPD20181203-1
Occurred Date12/3/2018
SummaryStudent Reported her bike stolen from bike rack next to Gym
DispositionClosed. Info forwarded to RSO
Report NumberPD20181130-1
IncidentVehicle Traffic collision Non-injury
Occurred Date11/30/2018
LocationLot 23
SummaryStudent back into Bike parking pole
Report NumberPS20181128-1
IncidentAgitated Student
Occurred Date11/28/2018
LocationLearning Center PS-6
SummaryAgitated Student caused distruption in learning center
DispositionIn progress
Report NumberMTC20181127-1
Occurred Date11/26/2018
LocationParking Lot
Summary911 was called due to intoxicated student.
Report NumberEVC20181203-1
Incidentinfo only
Occurred Date11/20/2018
LocationIndio Lobby
SummaryStudent making another student fell Uncomfortable
DispositionSent to student life
Report NumberPD20181121-2
Occurred Date11/19/2018
LocationLot 19
SummaryStudent had drug paraphernalia in vehicle
DispositionIn Progress
Report NumberPD20181115-2
IncidentTrip and Fall
Occurred Date11/15/2018
LocationLot 27
Report NumberPD20181114-1
Occurred Date11/14/2018
LocationGymnasium- Men's Locker Room
SummaryPersonal Valuables stolen from Locker
Report NumberPD20181113-1
Occurred Date11/13/2018
LocationPollack Theather
SummaryTrip and Fall
Report NumberPD20181115-1
Occurred Date11/9/2018
LocationLot 22
SummaryStudent Received Note
Report NumberPD20181107-1
IncidentTraffic Collision
Occurred Date11/7/2018
LocationLot 25, west side of the ECE
SummaryInstructor crashed his vehicle into a parked vehicle.
Report NumberPD20181106-1
IncidentGraffiti writing on driver side door
Occurred Date11/6/2018
LocationLot 28
SummaryVehicle Vandalism graffiti on drivers side door
Report NumberPD20181105-1
IncidentStudent Code of Conduct Violation
Occurred Date11/5/2018
LocationSoftball bleacher
SummaryStudent was caught smoking Marijuana
DispositionReferred to Student Life for discipline
Report NumberEVC20181101-1
IncidentStaff Vehicle side swiped
Occurred Date11/1/2018
LocationOasis street
SummaryStaff Vehicle was side swiped by unknown car
Report NumberPD20181101-1
IncidentPossible Stalking
Occurred Date11/1/2018
LocationLot 28
SummaryStudent had flowers and note placed on car windshield
Dispositioncase forwarded to Student Life
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