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​​​​How to Start a Club

Students who wish to charter a new or existing Student Club/Organization must first complete a Charter Packet. Charter Packets must be approved by ASCOD. Upon approval the Student Club/Organization will be entitled to meet, hold events and activities, participate in college sponsored events, raise funds, make purchases, and otherwise operate as official entity of College of the Desert.

​Getting Started 

  1. Obtain a Charter Packet from the Office of Student Life, or download forms from this page.
  2. Complete and return the following forms to the Office of Student Life:​
    • Application for Charter
    • Advisor Request and Agreement Form
    • Club/Organization Roster (you must have a minimum of 10 members)
    • Completed Club/Organization Authorized Signature Form Statement of Non-Discrimination (This form can be a separate document or included in the Bylaws)
    • Organization Constitution and Bylaws

​ A copy of all forms should be kept by the organization for their records and information.​ 

Requirements to be a Club

  • ​The primary Advisor must be a faculty employee of the Desert Community College District. The Co-Advisor may be any college employee.
  • There must be at least ten (10) current COD students listed on the Roster page with Student ID numbers.
  • An ICC Rep and Alternate ICC Rep must be assigned and all information provided on the "Application for Charter" page.
  • The Club Advisor must be presented at all Club meetings and Club events.
In accordance with the Education Code, the Desert Community College District will not sponsor or permit establishment of student clubs or organizations that are secret or restrictive in nature. 

Requests for use of any and all College of the Desert facilities, by Clubs/Organizations must be arranged through the Office of Student Life.

Charter Packet Forms

2015-2016 Charter Packet Application  

Club Constitution and Bylaws Guide