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​Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is a set of skills to help you manage your personal finances.  Students who become financially literate develop a valuable life skill to manage their finances and are more likely to graduate.  
Title V HSI has implemented a Financial Literacy Program which includes a variety of tools to educate and equip you to manage your expenses, debt and credit more effectively.  We will help you to develop an individual plan to meet your educational costs and daily financial challenges.  The tools of financial literacy include handouts, e-mails, workshops, hands on assistance with the FAFSA, and much more.  Do not become another financial statistic, plan to attend these helpful workshops and take control of your financial future!  
Financial Literacy 101 is a free online tool to help students make better money management decisions.  The online program teaches you important financial literacy fundamentals you can learn at your own pace.  The program features a questionnaire which will help you assess your finances and provides a detailed plan on how to set up and meet your financial goals.  Topics covered by Financial Literacy 101 include but are not limited to:
·   How to set up and follow a budget
·   How to choose and manage your bank account
·   How to avoid hidden fees
·   What is credit and credit cards
·   What is identity theft and how to prevent it
·   Money management tips
·   How to avoid debt and repair your credit
Add the course numbers below to get information on specific topics:
Topic                                                        Course Number
Buying a Car                                                      87
Managing Credit                                               88
Paying for College                                            89
Advanced Money Management                    90
Banking Basics                                                  91
Saving and Investing                                       168
Understand Insurance                                    172
How to sign up for Financial Literacy 101
·  Under “New Students” type in access code: CODHST
·  Follow the prompts to create your account and password
·  Once logged in, answer a series of questions to create your personalized financial portfolio            
Location: Cravens Student Services Center, 2nd Floor in Enrollment Services

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Contact: Jocelyn Vargas, 760-776-7230